Publishes 100th Palm Review

Reno, NV (December 14, 1999) - The PalmGuru.Com(tm) web site is excited to announce that it has just published its 100th review for the Palm Computing Platform. In celebration of this milestone, we will soon be offering limited edition PalmGuru.Com t-shirts, and online PalmTutorials(sm) for select applications that have been reviewed at the PalmGuru.Com. More...

Jim McCarthy, founder, chief palmguru, etc, said, "The publication of the site's 100th review indicates the success and popularity of the Palm Computing Platform," and added, "The practical novelty of the Palm Organizer, and race for the smallest and most robust technology will quickly catapult the product and PalmGuru.Com into the forefront of online resources for all Palm Computing compatible devices, including the HandSpring Visor".

The PalmGuru.Com web site began as a hobby in 1998, and cascaded into a carefully-niche web resource focusing on providing consumer-experienced reviews of Palm Computing software, hardware, and accessories. Today, the PalmGuru.Com receives over 17,022 hits per day (statistics as of 12/13/99), has four staff writers, and partnerships with leading online resource providers such as PalmGear H.Q. and Smaller.Com, and is an emerging into another company for the Palm(r) community.

"I love my Palm(r) Organizer," McCarthy said, "and will admit that I rarely leave my house without it. We live in an exciting time where technology is invented by imagination and dreams. I am eager and impatient to see what Palm Computing has dreamed up for us next, and will be right there to review it".

The PalmGuru.Com is the Internet's most trusted resource for reviews on Palm Computing software, hardware, and accessories(sm). You can read over 100 reviews at, or join the official PalmGuru.Com Palm-Talk(sm) mailing list for review announcements and site news.

PalmGear H.Q. is "The One Stop Source for your Palm Connected Organizer!" and located on the Internet at

The PalmGuru is a registered trademark of Room 37 Productions.

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What's it about?

Chris Swanson @ 12/15/1999 3:37:08 PM #
Yeah, they've reviewed their 100th item. What was that review of?


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