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MapleTop Software and SuperMemo World announced their cooperation on bringing the powerful SuperMemo speed-learning software to all Palm Computing platform users. Desktop SuperMemo with more than one million copies sold worldwide is probably the best speed-learning software on the market. Is has received dozens of awards and positive reviews from press in many countries. More...

SuperMemo can improve the speed of your learning 10 - 50 times, depending on your current learning skills. This means you can cut your learning time down to 1/10th - 1/50th or you can learn up to 10 - 50 times more in given time, if you use it regularly. It is an indispensable tool for all kinds of professionals, managers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students or anybody who needs to memorize facts, numbers, foreign languages, etc. SuperMemo repetition spacing algorithms have been in constant development since 1987 by Dr. Piotr Wozniak and his team of scientists specialized in research of human brain learning capabilities.

SuperMemo for Palm Computing platform will be a stand-alone handheld application and will combine the extreme power of SuperMemo algorithms with maximum portability of Palm Computing platform devices. Unlike desktop SuperMemo, you will be able to learn and carry your knowledge collections anywhere you go. Unique one-handed stylus-free operation will allow you to use this software in almost all possible situations, thus saving even more of your precious time. Extensive beta testing is currently underway and the expected release date is first quarter of 2000.

For a screenshot preview and information about beta testing program see For more information about SuperMemo speed-learning method see

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