Half-Sized Visor?

ZDNet has some commentary on DEMO 2000 show outlining all the new offerings on display. The author mentions the two new springboards and that "Citizen has created a mini-Visor that's about half the size of the original." Hmmm... could be interesting.

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ma pob!

Ryan Crow @ 2/9/2000 4:08:23 PM #
i am a palm pilot user and i will not buy any visors. they are not durrable, the ir port is on the side!!,and they cant get upgrades!!


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/10/2000 12:19:52 PM #
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That looks cool BUT!!!

Brett @ 2/10/2000 1:06:09 PM #
The one thing that realy kills me over the Visor is they are not shipping it to Canada. And with this new camera it sound even better but frustrating that i can not get

Good for you Ryan

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/10/2000 2:36:50 PM #
I appreciate your opinion, but I don't think you are of sound mind. The IR port is in an awkward location, yes. But, not upgradeable? Can you say Springboard modules? Or, were you talking about RAM upgrades? 8 megs is the maximum the Motorola DragonBall processor can address. Why spend more $ for a Palm that you could buy more RAM for, rather than buy the best that you don't need to upgrade.
RE: Good for you Ryan
Davius @ 2/10/2000 3:10:47 PM #
He is of VERY sound mind. The OS is not upgradeable. No flash memory.

Citizen's Mini Visor

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/11/2000 11:50:00 AM #
I am interested to know if anyone has a link to read about or look at the Citizen's 'Mini Visor'.


Chuck Roderick @ 2/12/2000 8:40:06 AM #
I have been a palm user forthe past several months and except for some minor annoiances, I have enjoyed using my palm pilot pro.


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2000 4:41:24 PM #
The mini-Visor would be a good idea for people who just want a little device to maintain contact information and appointments. The extra screen real estate is not absolutely necessary fot this. A device like that would be in more direct competition with the REX devices.

It's a pretty good idea. It just needs to be marketed properly.



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