Palm OS 3.5 goes Gold!

(This letter was forwarded anonymously, It comes directly from Palm Computing...)
First, we are very pleased to announce that version 3.5 of the Palm OS software has been declared "GM" (Golden Master) - meaning that the platform software is complete and is available to the various licensees of the Palm Computing platform (IBM, Symbol, Qualcomm, TRG, Handspring, Sony, Nokia, and of course Palm itself). We are working with the licensees to help them include Palm OS software version 3.5 in their current and/or future devices as their schedules and needs dictate. Please direct product inquiries to the licensees directly; we can't make announcements on their behalf. More...

ROM images of the GM 3.5 software are already available; they have been posted in the Development Seeding area of the Provider Pavilion at and were marked as DR4 (developer release 4). Several versions of the ROMs images were posted in this area, starting in October, and concluding with the English-language DR4 posting in December, which has been declared the GM version. The DR5 postings posted there, in French, German, Italian and Spanish are also GM versions. We will soon add Japanese images as well.

Our second announcement today is that the Palm OS software ROM images are now available to our US-based developer community without the need to physically sign a paper license. The released Palm OS software ROM images can also now be found in the Provider Pavilion at through a web-based "clickwrap" license for US residents.

Such ROM images have been (and still are) available worldwide through a paper license, since international law doesn't permit us do an online license for all countries with this method. We intend to continue working to help developers in each country to the best of our ability.

The Development Seeding program will continue for developers worldwide as a place to get ROM images, future prerelease software and information; this new "clickwrap" area is an addition that we're pleased to be able to make available, and we intend to extend it to other countries as our lawyers deem legally appropriate.

Our third announcement today is that the Palm VII ROM images are now available to more developers. Due to embedded encryption technology, US government restrictions prohibited us from distributing them outside US and Canada. Now, if we can verify your internet connection location, most developers around the world can download Palm VII ROM images. The Palm VII ROM images are in the Developer Seeding Area and in the US-only ROM Image Clickwrap Area mentioned above.

We strongly urge you to download the 3.5 versions of the Palm OS software ROM images, and test your applications with them in the Palm OS Emulator. We have posted a list of the most common developer issues that might arise in your testing, and their solutions, at

To discuss development issues concerning Palm OS software version 3.5, we invite you to join the Palm-Dev-Forum, a mailing list dedicated to programming topics relating to Palm OS software development. You can sign up for this mailing list, and others, at

To summarize:
- Palm OS 3.5 software is finished
- A paper license isn't required for US developers to get ROM images
- Most international developers can now download Palm VII ROM images.
- Top developer issues with 3.5 are explained at
- Test your application on 3.5 now!

Thanks for your continued support of the Palm Economy.

Gabriel Acosta-Lopez
Director, Platform Development Services

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Developer Site Down

craigkoh @ 2/10/2000 11:12:07 AM #
Has anyone else had problems getting into the Developer Pavilion site - I think it is down because everyone it trying to get in and download the ROMS!! That is all we need, a developer made DoS on the Pavilion ;>
RE: Developer Site Down
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/10/2000 3:39:57 PM #
I couldn't get in too!
RE: Developer Site Down
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/11/2000 12:08:32 AM #
It's been prety slow for me too. Can't get in!

ReFlashing your Palm

Numlock @ 2/11/2000 12:29:51 AM #
Does anyone know how you would go about reflashing the OS in an actual Palm device? Specifically I just got 3.5 and I want to get it on my Vx. Any suggestions, can I use the OS 3.3 tool?
RE: ReFlashing your Palm
craigkoh @ 2/11/2000 11:35:04 AM #
I used the 3.3 install app. Just hit hit Advanced and pick your ROM file. Worked Great for Me!
RE: ReFlashing your Palm
Adam @ 2/11/2000 8:42:11 PM #
& How do we do this ? a small tutorail please ? thank you.
RE: ReFlashing your Palm
yuro @ 2/11/2000 11:27:43 PM #
and can someone either PLEASE give a link to the rom? i had to fill out all these forms to try and get into the development area...

all i want to do i run 3.5 :o)



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