Palm e-Book-of-the-Month

In the news lately are the denial of service (DoS) attacks on sites like Yahoo!, CNN and ZDNet. Ironically, the Palm e-Book-of-the-Month for Nonfiction, selected by Qvadis, is "The Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling.
This contemporary classic is a freeze-frame of time, when in 1990, scores of suspected illicit hackers were arrested by law-enforcement officials. The raids, and the cases that followed, became a metaphor for the clash between civil liberties and the need to fight computer crime.

The Palm e-Book-of-the-Month feature is spotlighted by Qvadis - makers of Express Reader, a Yahoo! Mobile Daily Download and Hot Product (available through Yahoo! except when under DoS attack :) )- to bring Palm users an awareness of the quality of ebooks available for the Palm platform.

Read more about or download "The Hacker Crackdown", as well as the Fiction e-Book-of-the-Month, "This Side of Paradise", at .

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