MediaQ to Develop New ARM Processor

ARM Holdings and MediaQ today announced that MediaQ has licensed the ARM922TTM embedded processor core for use in the soon-to-be announced processor for multimedia centric portable devices. MediaQ will implement the ARM922T core in a low-power system-on-chip design that boosts multimedia application performance for handhelds.

MediaQ is known for their mobile graphics chips, which are used by Sony in some Clies. MediaQ is also a member of the Palm OS Ready Program, which is targeted at providing Palm OS licensees with silicon solutions ready to run the Palm OS.

"MediaQ has selected the ARM922T core as the foundation for its new generation of energy-efficient applications processors that will bring high-end multimedia capabilities to attractively priced handhelds," said Elie Antoun, president and CEO, MediaQ.

MediaQ products share a common architecture that integrates video and graphics acceleration engines with advanced peripheral connectivity, boosting graphics, multimedia and application performance while reducing system power consumption.

The ARM922T hard macrocell is suitable for a wide range of OSs such as Linux, PalmOS, SymbianOS and WindowsCE. Built around the high-performance ARM9TDMI® 32-bit RISC CPU, the ARM922T core features 8k instruction and data caches, memory management unit (MMU), AMBATM methodology-compliant interfaces and support for the ARM® real-time trace technology.

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So who's goning to use this chip?

gfunkmagic @ 4/14/2003 7:41:47 PM #
"High-end multimedia" features? Hmm... maybe this chip could be used by Sony if rumors regarding their "video-recorder" Clie pan out?


hotpaw4 @ 4/14/2003 10:44:37 PM #
Note that this ARM922T has smaller caches than in the ARM925 used in the TI OMAP, and than the 32KB ones in the XScale. Maybe they're going after the segment of the market which prefers longer battery life to bigger MHz specs.


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