Qvadis and PalmaServ to Partner on E-Books

Toronto, ON - 15 February 2000 - Qvadis Corporation, a developer of award-winning handheld applications and provider of one of the leading Palm e-text portals, and PalmaServ, one of the original archives for Palm documents and a popular download destination, have announced a joint initiative in e-books for the Palm platform.

Under the initiative, Qvadis' Express Reader Pro becomes PalmaServ's preferred Doc reader program. The first integrated PC/Palm e-book publisher and viewer, Express Reader has quickly gained in popularity and critical acclaim since its release for its simple and intuitive, yet powerful, design. Among other accolades, Express Reader is featured on the Hot Products list of Yahoo! Mobile, and garnered a five-star and Reviewers' Pick rating on ZDNet.

In addition, PalmaServ's e-text collection, recently featured in articles in The Wall Street Journal Interactive and Quicken.com, will be reissued in the Doc format, one of the most popular Palm formats for electronic documents, and compatible with Express Reader. The move will complement PalmaServ's extensive free e-text collection in the iSilo format. Eventually, all titles in its collection will be available in both iSilo and Doc, offering a wider choice of electronic formats for Palm e-text aficionados.

"Qvadis is pleased to be teaming with PalmaServ," said Sam Peralta, President and CEO of Qvadis. "Our joint initiative will help build the Palm e-book community by making available a wider selection of e-texts, in a variety of electronic formats."

"We're excited to be working with Qvadis," said Franco Martinez, founder of PalmaServ. "As a leading software developer with a genuine belief in the Palm computer as a platform for e-books, Qvadis brings a new enthusiasm to the Palm e-text community."

In addition to Express Reader, the Qvadis website offers Palm and Net device news, an e-text library, the Web's most complete links to Palm e-book archives, as well as the popular e-Book-of-the-Month feature.

PalmaServ's free e-text libraries can be found at the PalmaServ website at http://www.coslink.com/PalmaSrv. Express Reader and Qvadis' e-book resources are available from the Qvadis website at http://www.qvadis.com.

About Qvadis

Qvadis Corporation, the Pocket Ready company, provides the premier integrated e-document portal for Palm-compatible handheld computers. Its award-winning Express Reader PC/palmtop software brings desktop documents and e-books to the palmtop, and its Ex Libris online service provides original and partner-based e-document content for Express Reader users.

About PalmaServ

Established early in 1998, PalmaServ is one of the Palm industry's premier e-document archives and a popular download destination. It offers free downloads in the feature-rich and flexible iSilo format, and in the industry-standard Doc format, for the Palm computing platform.

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