Visor Disappoints on Win 2000 USB drivers

With the recent release of Windows 2000, many Visor users thought their USB prayers would finally be answered. Not so. Many people have been using beta versions of Windows 2000 for over a year, and have had the final code for some time, however Visor users have not been able to use their USB cradles with Windows 2000 for lack of a driver. Handspring Technical Support had been replying to Visor users with cryptic emails, sometimes saying that USB drivers would be available soon, sometimes referring to an ongoing beta test, sometimes actually stating that USB drivers would be available on February 17th along with the release of Windows 2000. After what I am sure must have been a deluge of emails begin for the drivers on the 17th, Handspring posted the following to their website:

"Windows 2000 Compatibility On February 17, 2000, Microsoft™ released a new operating system called Windows 2000™. The support for USB in Windows 2000 is based on a new USB architecture. Given this, the drivers that are included with the current version of the Palm™ Desktop that is included with the Visor™ handheld, are not compatible with Windows 2000. The new USB drivers to support synchronizing the Visor with Windows 2000 are currently under development. Handspring will post an updated version of the Palm Desktop that includes Windows 2000 support in March 2000."

It appears as though Visor users will have to continue to wait, either delaying their upgrade to Microsoft's new OS, or continuing to use a serial cradle with Windows 2000, defeating one of the major reasons to purchase a Visor over the many 3com offerings.

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Don't blame Handspring

Dennis @ 2/21/2000 11:32:08 AM #
They have no control over what does or does not go into Windows 2000, or any changes from beta code to the final released code.

If Microsoft changed the USB API, it's going to take some time to rework it. Personally, since Microsoft couldn't get USB to work under NT, I'm not suprised it is less than standard under W2K.

give me a break

tom alphin @ 2/21/2000 3:52:49 PM #
as much as microsoft sickens me, they did a good job with the usb support in 2k. unfortunately, many companies decided to wait for win2k to come out to even worry about drivers. handspring could have gotten access to w2k final back in december, so by even the most conseqvative guesses, they had 1.5 months to get done. this is why i sold my visor on ebay and just upgraded my palm 3 to a palm 5.

sorry handspring, that's 2 strikes. one more and you're out.

Yea Dennis

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2000 4:17:11 PM #
You see...NT4 came out BEFORE USB. Odviously they won't have USB support, and its hard to integrate straight into an OS (Thats why they released 95OSR2 and 98). You should get your facts straight before blatently badmouthing companies. This is just a case of Handspring holding off.

Windows 2000 Drivers

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/1/2001 9:35:23 PM #
Say.. by the way... anyone know where I can download the Handspring visor delux USB drivers?

RE: Windows 2000 Drivers
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/30/2001 10:26:59 AM #
would be also very interesting for me, cause my Laptop allways forget the driver (which is delivered within Palmdesktop 3.01) after it fells to sleep.



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