Palm SimCity in color

Atelier announces SimCity™ in color for Palm™ handheld computers.
The award winning SimCity for Palm handheld computers now in vivid color on the Palm IIIc™ handheld.

Palm Sim City in colorAtelier took the world by storm again by showing at CeBIT the color version of the award winning SimCity running on the newly announced Palm IIIc™ handheld, the first color-enabled Palm™ handheld computer. Atelier is proud to announce it will be shipping SimCity for Palm devices in color as soon as the Palm IIIc device hits the market. For more on SimCity color go here.

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SimCity in Color

EdtheRed @ 2/24/2000 8:34:20 AM #
Yahoo! The first thing I thought of when I heard about the Palm IIIc was "That will sure make SimCity a lot easier to play". While a great game, some of the maps are almost unusable in black and white.


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