Rumor: More Reports on the Camera-less Treo 600

A new round of rumors and user reports are coming in that indicate Sprint is due to offer a camera-less version of the palmOne Treo 600 in the near future.

Posts on the TreoCentral indicate a version of the Treo 600 without a camera is set to be offered by Sprint soon. Some users are also reporting that Sprint representatives show a new Treo device in their internal database, yet specific details and pricing are unknown.

A palmOne representative declined comment citing the companies policy that palmOne does not comment on rumors of products that may or may not be introduced in the future.

Many corporations are currently testing the Treo 600 trial deployments. Many companies, factories and even health clubs prohibit the use of Cameraphones. A version of the Treo 600 could address such industrial and corporate concerns and open up the device for larger enterprise deployments.

Thanks to Gaurav for the tip.

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Don't forget government workers.

JonAcheson @ 5/28/2004 9:19:07 AM #
Civilian contractors for the armed forces can't carry camera-equipped PDAs or phones either.

Jon Acheson

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RE: Don't forget government workers.
mrborgs @ 5/31/2004 6:08:11 PM #
Gov't also doesn't like WiFi, Bluetooth or IR - to many possibilities to pirate sensative information. A news report in our area showed that a person with a WiFi capable laptop could hack in to the major airlines computers and get personal information on employees and passangers. So there is more at issue than just cameras (though they need to come out too for us in Gov't areas)

This should be a standard option

jbarr @ 5/28/2004 2:33:26 PM #
There is a definite increase in the number of government and private companies that are banning integrated cameras in phones and PDA's. The company I am now working for is one such company, and this effectivly locked me out of purchasing Sony's UX-50 PDA. I ended up purchasing a Tungsten T3 (which I'm very happy with.)

What really needs to happen is these companies need to create PDA's that are more modular. For example, release a UX-50 class PDA, but without the camera and insert a "blank" in the resulting open slot. Better yet, make these types of modules user "pluggable" so that the user can decise if and when they need the functionality. I fully realize that they are working with very tight spaces, but this doesn't seem like rocket science. And they'd probably sell a LOT more lesser-expensive "non-camera" PDA's, and even gain some back by offering camera modules in after market.

RE: This should be a standard option
ackmondual @ 6/1/2004 5:35:45 PM #
It's nice to see this on the Treo600. Makes sense, since this day in age, ppl see a cell phone device and i'll guess that many of them will guess it's digi-cam equipped. Alot of ppl i kno and met look surprised that my Zire 71 has a cam. Even models where the lens isn't covered (various Clie's) or retracted (like my Zire 71) during NON use (like the Z72), ppl for some reason don't see the lens or are surprised to see it there.

As for the "modular" option, they kinda already have that. I say "kinda" b/c I'm referring to accessories such as the Veo SDIO digicam (still and mayb vid) which I don't know how well it works. I hear it's almost as 'natural' as an integrated cam. Another reference is to the Visor line's (not popular anymore) camera Springboard modules. Plug it in for phots and vids, take it out when not needed, or allowed. I don't know if Clie's have digicam add-ons for MS format.

There's a problem if they do this for ALL PDAs. Having a modular digicam option is nice, but it'd probably add more bulk and weight to the device that an cam-integrated PDA wouldn't have. I've never seen any modular add-ons be as flush and compact as integrated alternatives

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This isold news -

johnbartley @ 6/1/2004 8:00:44 PM #
I broke this on the 18th with a quote from a PalmOne VP.



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