Handango Announces Software Champion Award Winners

Handango has announced the winners of the Handango Champion Awards at the Handango Partner Summit. Judged by members of the media and other industry experts, the Handango Champion Awards honor the best in mobile software

Winners will receive a generous awards package including a $5,000 marketing stipend and other promotional opportunities. A complete list of winners is available here.

"The Handango Champion Awards are designed to recognize exceptional mobile applications developed by outstanding companies," said Randy Eisenman, president and chief executive officer of Handango. "With the help of our elite panel of judges, we are able to honor the winners for their excellent accomplishments, which have made the lives of Handango's customers more productive and fun."

Award finalists, which were announced on May 13, 2004, were chosen by customer votes and expert nominations. The winners were determined by a panel of industry luminaries including representatives from Laptop Magazine, SymbianOne, PhoneScoop, RCR Wireless, PocketGoddess, USA Today/Gannett News, The Wireless Developer Network, Network Computing, The Gadgeteer, My-Symbian, Palm Infocenter, Bityard Magazine, TheFeature, PDAStreet, Wireless Gaming Review, KGO AM810, Network World, Smartphone Thoughts and Java World.

Winners in the Palm OS Category included:

  • Best Business - Agendus Professional Edition by iambic
  • Best Education - PocketLingo College by HLCSoft
  • Best Fitness - PDAbs by Acrocat Software
  • Best Game - Atari Retro by Mobile Digital Media
  • Best Lifestyle - Vindigo City Guide by Vindigo
  • Best Medical - BluefishRx Prescription Writer by Bluefish
  • Best Productivity - Documents To Go by DataViz
  • Best Travel - WorldMate 2004 by MobiMate

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Interesting list

Vidge @ 6/28/2004 6:14:56 PM #
Funny - the only one of those programs I own is Docs to Go and I never use it.

Moderator, Daily Gadget
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RE: Interesting list
ackmondual @ 6/28/2004 6:47:05 PM #
As per your profile, You're in the US with a T3. If it's all the same, perhaps you can enlightened us with what your occupation is?

It seems alot of these products (even the categories themselves) are geared for specific professions. Go figure why some of these may never been heard of, let along be used by alot of PIC members

>I've also got DTG, but I only use it for fun, or to keep track of information on the road that I don't really need to in the first place. Desktop is sufficient, but I do it b/c I got DTG for free, so why the heck not?

>Agendus seems mostly geared for business/office professionals, as opposed to Datebook5, the seemingly more popular alternative (which I also use)

>Medical app, heh, well, how many of PIC members are actually in the medical field?

>WorldMate and City Guide are just extra expenses that i guessing can't be justified even by many travellers unless they do it alot of it in many diff places

>ditto on the dictionary. It seems that very few ppl need to have a dict on the go, while the rest of us who still use a dictionary can get away with dictionary.com.

>WHICH BRINGS US TO.... atari retro!!!!!
I'm sorry, but of ALL the PalmOS games out there, I would'v thought there HAD TO HAVE been virtually ANYTHING better than this!!! I'm not sayihng the pack is terrible at all, but being that the graphics are LITERALLY squares and pixels on the screen you can easily count (from the old Atari 2600(?) system), only old timer fans and those nostalgic to the game and times would like this. Even some of THAT is lost as well, as certain games, lose some autenthicity. E.g. Pong doesn't have stylus control, but the arcade had a wheel knob, Missile Command only has 1 missile silo, but the more familar/popular version had 3 of them.
Maybe some1 else can clarify what i've been missing with this game pack.

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RE: Interesting list
maven @ 6/29/2004 12:29:23 PM #
As one of he programmers on Atari Retro, must must admit I'm pretty surprised it won as well.

However, I can tell you the games are EXACTLY what you would find on the original Atari 2600 (including the 'easter egg' in Adventure)

Sounds like the judges either liked the artwork of Atari Retro, or were just nostalgic for their first console. Maybe the list on finalists will help determine why Retro won:
Chess Tiger
Trivial Pursuit
Atari Retro

Obviously a lot of GREAT games didn't make finalist. Maybe everyone needs to make sure their favorites are nominated next year.

RE: Interesting list
RhinoSteve @ 7/1/2004 5:14:04 AM #
I think you can summarize all these titles with the line, "The awards to the software that made us the most money goes to ..."

Atari Retro as the best game for 2004?

vesther @ 7/5/2004 11:05:09 PM #
Maybe I'd better think about downloading and deploying Atari Retro for my Tungsten C Device sooner or later.......

Sooner or later, all Palm-Powered Handhelds running under Intel's PXA27X line of processors need to implement Centrino Technology in addition to Intel's XScale technology and Intel's WMMX.


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