Vodafone to be First Pre GSM Carrier?

Palm Pre VodafoneRumor: It's one of the biggest question marks hanging over Palm's new Pre: where's the GSM model? Like the Treos 750 and 500v before it, the Pre is going to be a Vodafone exclusive in Europe if the latest rumors are correct. Going on an email from a Vodafone UK customer service rep saying "we are still in early negotiation with Palm, but nothing is solid." In addition an administrator post in Vodafone UK's forum let slip these details:

"That phone [the Pre] does look awesome, we were taking a look at this in the office the other day a few of us have our eye on it, I would keep your eyes peeled on the coming soon section here at our online shop."

Despite these early leaks, there is still no word on an concrete release dates as of yet, nor when a U.S. GSM (read: AT&T) version will be offered.

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The right move for Palm

alandrew @ 1/20/2009 10:42:07 PM # Q
This is the best move !
With the advanced GSM networks in Europe and the rest of the world they will get a good footing in the market....especialy with Vodafone, but Vodafone must also commit to giving it the push that it deserves.....Palm's international presence must be stronger this time round ! We've drawn the bead on Apple now lets do it guys ! I know we won't sell more but this is the begining of the right company doing the right thing with the right product and OS....Viva Palm Pre !


RE: The right move for Palm
lobotomic @ 1/22/2009 2:53:04 AM # Q
Yeah, getting in bed with Vodafone is a good move for Palm. Telefónica/O2, Orange TelecomItalia and T-Mobile are happily frolicking with Apple between the sheets (and T-Mobile DE is also with Android), so I don't think these will give Palm much attention in Spain, the UK, France, Italy or Germany.

Vodafone was the big loserin Euro iPod negociations (of the large countries, I think it only carries the iPhone in Italy, and non exclusively), and now it has a very good pan-european alternative. Lets just hope they offer it with GOOD data rates, because their present ones really suck.

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