Woot Deal on Garmin GPS Kit for Palm Smartphones

For owners of Palm Treos possessing a fullsize SD, SDHC or miniSD slots, Woot Sellout has a very limited-time offer on Garmin's Mobile XT GPS navigation kit. For $49.99 + $5 shipping, users can get a very solid smartphone-based navigation solution that is compatible with every Palm OS version of the Treo ranging from the 650 to last year's 755p and the older WM-based Treo 700w/wx/750. I believe this is a slightly older Garmin bundle that the one we covered last fall. It's advisable to act fast if interested, as Woot's offerings are usually very limited quantities and sell out quickly.

Woot's compatible device list does omit all Palm OS handhelds but the most recent version from November of 2007 of Garmin's Mobile XT software lists the LifeDrive and TX as compatible devices. It's uncertain whether the map data & other contents of the card are copy-protected and could be installed to a microSD card for use on the Centro.

With TomTom's withdrawal from the PDA and smartphone-based GPS software market to focus on their own standalone hardware solutions, Garmin and Telenav are pretty much the only remaining alternatives for Palm users looking to extend their functionality of their devices with current, still-supported GPS software.

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Garmin GPS

philpalm @ 9/4/2008 8:29:51 PM # Q
In woot's forum they (page 2) mention it is an old model, yet the upgrade map will be given to purchasers of this deal(from Garmin).

Don't let the Mini-SD card scare you, supposedly it is transferable to a SD card of your choice.

If LifeDrive and TX can use this program, why can't a TE2 use it? Is it the wrong bluetooth?

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