Latest Palm Centro Sale at Best Buy

Following up on two consecutive weeks of Best Buy sales on Palm handhelds and smartphones, Best Buy's current weekly ad is touting their latest round of sales as the "last week to save" for sale pricing on all of Best Buy's smartphones.

This time around, the Palm Centro is being promoted with heavily discounted pricing in both CDMA formats for Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Sprint's version of the Centro, the first version of the Centro available last year and a recipient of a recent ROM update, is discounted to $19.99 with new 2yr contract. For current users looking to upgrade, Sprint's Centro is marked down to $99.99.

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Verizon's Centro is the newest carrier version of the handset to be released. It features standard support for Google Maps location functionality and to date has traditionally been the most costly version of the Centro through traditional carrier direct sales channels. It's free after instant rebates this week and $59.99 to qualified upgraders. To my knowledge this is the first time the Verizon-branded version has been "free".

The current flyer's pricing is effective through Saturday, August 23rd and should place Palm a bit closer to commemorating three million Centros sold.

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Meanwhile, in Canada the Centro costs $100 more than an iPhone!!!

FrequentVisitor @ 8/24/2008 2:38:16 PM # Q

[Centro] Pricing

Featured Price $299.99 with 3-year term*

*Any 3 year Voice and Data plan activation totaling $35 or greater per month (excludes Rogers Vision

Device Price: $399.99

Monthly Price: $399.99

1-Year Price: $399.99

2-Year Price: $349.99

3-Year Price: $299.99

Let's see. Should I get a Centro kidlet phone or an iPhone for $100 less? Hmmmmm. Tough choice.

Centro makes a ton of sense when it competes with $0 to $99 phones. Above $100 it will be a tough sell in the new iPhone world. I don't think Palm anticipated how much of a game changer iPhone would be. In one year Apple has come from nowhere to become the standard against which almost all new phones are judged. Everyone's expectations are now different re: price, features, screen, size and style of their cellphones. Yeah, iPhone isn't perfect, but it has managed to send pretty much every competing cellphone company back to the drawing board and I'll bet iPhone was also the main reason why Palm priced the Centro so low (and why Palm is now losing so much money). iPhone also killed off Access because the carriers realized that ALP couldn't compete with iPhone OS.

I just wish Apple made an iPhone with a slide-out keybard. I went into the local Rogers Wireless store a few weeks ago after Apple forced Rodgers to slash the data charges to $30/month (from well over $100/month) for 6 GB. I was ready to dump Palm for good. Only problem was it turns out that I actually didn't like the iPhone. Typing was horrible. This ended up being the deal breaker. Yeah I know people say you get used to the on-screen keyboard within a week, but I want either real keyboard buttons or a stylus + Grafitti. Or both. The eye candy was nice, but not that important to me. I prefer using my standalone Garmin GPS for navigation and also already have a nice small MP3 player, so I wasn't really blown away by the all-in-one aspect of the iPhone. Not having a Memo Pad and access to my trusty old PalmOS applications would kinda suck, too. The iPhone was also a little bigger than what I would have liked, but it's thin given how much Apple gives you. Still, I can see why iPhone makes so much sense to so many people. With the price so low it's actually hard to see why the average person willing to spend more than $100 on a phone would get anything else. If (when?) Apple diversifies their lineup and comes out with an iPhone with a slide-out keyboard or else a tiny iPhone that is shaped like the previous iPod nano and StyleTap ships a stable PalmOS emulator, I'll probably finally jump on the iPhone bandwagon + never look back at the wreckage of the Palm jalopy burning in the distance. I just wish that in the meantime we had "free" Centros up here in the "Great White North", eh?

Arrogance, stupid management, poor quality control, Cobalt, Fooleo and the non-existent Nova OS are combining to kill Palm with 1000 papercuts (and a Yankowski shiv or two).

Da Freq

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