Details Emerge for Handspring's IPO

Handspring announced today that it would sell 10 million common shares priced at $19 to $22 a share during its initial public offering, the date for which has not yet been announced. They plan to use the $190.2 million for for general corporate purposes, including working capital. They have asked Nasdaq to be listed under the symbol "HAND".

In a related story, during an interview with the German site, Worldwide PR Manager for Handspring Allen Bush promised French and Spanish Visors by the end of this year. He went on to say that Handspring is working on new Visors with color displays and wireless internet access, though no dates for release of these products were mentioned.

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Another Strategic Buy

Eddie Willers @ 5/18/2000 12:03:03 PM #
Keeping consistant with the strategy of keeping the competi- tion strong, forcing your favorites to stay on the leading edge, I, a proud Palm IIIc owner, will be buying my block A.S.A.P. I own an Intel machine w/ Windows98, but own stock in AMD, Apple. Considering I purchased Apple @ 24.75 per share (it's now @ 101.37, after a high of 150.37), and AMD @ 14.25 (it's now @ 85.37, after a high of 95). Come to think of it, I might just sell Apple today!

Visor acessories

GNF247@AOL.Com @ 5/27/2000 8:26:10 PM #
Where can I find a listing for the rumored modem, cel phone, pager, GPS System and all the other acessories that plug into the Visor?


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