Apple Flatly Denies Rumors of PDA

In this article in the SJ Mercury News, Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of worldwide product marketing, said Apple isn't working on a PDA at all. "We are focused on the personal computer space, not the handheld space, and that's that. I hate to use these words, but there's nothing going on.''

Conspiracy theorists could point out that Apple always denies that they are working on anything until it is released but it was rumored they were going to announce the device at this week's developer's conference and this statement doesn't bode well for that.

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No offense, but...

Sandokan @ 5/17/2000 11:28:32 AM #
I still don't care. Apple, at one point, may have made a superior product, but their business attitudes thwart their success. My opinion is, whether they are developing a pDA or not, it won't make any difference in te market except for those who buy jst to be associated with the logo. In any case, who cares?

The Register Weighs In @ 5/17/2000 6:12:41 PM #
Here's an interesting commentary from The Register on the iPalm rumors:" CLASS=NEWS>

Apple should make a PDA

Simon Rönnqvist @ 5/18/2000 7:43:53 PM #
Apple had it's Newton. I've never tried one but they seem neat.
Mobile stuff seem to be the big thing to come. So why not? I think PalmOS and MacOS work great together already. So Apple could make a Palmclone with extra Mac compatiblity.

Look @ What Apple's Reading

jgrant @ 5/24/2000 2:38:04 AM #
#20 on Apple's best seller list at is
PalmPilot:The Ultimate Guide.

Most of their favorites are Mac and Apple titles, and then there's this Palm
book. Why?



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