Palm IIIe for $99

A company called Red Gorilla is offering a pretty good deal on a Palm IIIe. If you sign-up and purchase a year of their "Go Pack" (a web based time and expense tracking service), they will give you a new Palm IIIe with free shipping, no taxes, and no strings. Or if you already have a Palm or don't want a IIIe they will give you a $125 gift certificate for use at Handango!

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Red Gorilla "deal"

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/20/2000 9:21:01 AM #
So this company advetises on your web site and you pass it off as a a "story"??? Nice.
Dear Troll @ 5/20/2000 10:02:30 AM #
You didn't have enough courage to post your name, so I'll just refer to you as "Troll".

Let's face it, Troll, this is a site devoted to a consumer product. Therefore, almost all of the news posted here is going to be of a commercial nature. If you look over the old articles, just about everything is about consumer products. All the product reviews, those are about products for sale. Now look over c|net or ZDnet, all that is about companies and products that are for sale.

We live in a commercial society. You can't escape it. If you left here and went over to a site about Science or Art, you'd notice that most of it is also for sale.

In the old days, I'd have told you if you didn't like our commercial society, you could go live somewhere else. But these days, there really isn't anywhere you can live that isn't just as commercial as we are. So, Troll, I suggest you learn to like it.


p.s BTW, Troll, I tried to be nice in this. I didn't even point out that you'll look a lot more intelligent when you figure out how to use a spell checker.

RE: Red Gorilla
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/20/2000 11:22:55 AM #
You "tried to be nice" by posting insults as a P.S.? Just so you won't whine, my name is Leigh, and I'm not posting with a registered I.D. because I don't have time to look up passwords. Now boys (and I'm relatively sure you're boys), play nice.
RE: Red Gorilla
Ryan @ 5/20/2000 11:45:46 AM #
Yes, Red Gorilla is currently advertising on the site. Without commercial sponsors this site would not be here, it basically comes down to: the ads pay the bills.

I mentioned the Red Gorilla promotion in the news because it is a notable offer. It's not often that you can purchase a new Palm for under $100. And if you look around the news archive, you’ll notice that I have posted previous stories when a site/store is offering a "good deal" on a Palm or related product.


RE: Red Gorilla
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/20/2000 3:00:55 PM #
If you must know my name is Terry Thiel and my e-mail address is I'm not bothering to register just to post. Usually 13 year old boys who can't stand anyone to disagree with them use the word troll. Its pretty childish and meaningless. As for Ryan the least you could do is to mention that you are receiving money for advertising this product.

Is this for real?

Paul @ 5/20/2000 12:41:52 PM #
Anyone know if this is for real or just some scam?

A deal with no strings.

Eddie Willers @ 5/20/2000 10:01:31 PM #
If you are in the NYC area, a new store has just opened called 'Cameras & Computers' on Broadway next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre (i.e. David Letterman). They are offering the IIIe for the same price with no strings attached! Sounds like a better deal to me.

Registration Not Required @ 5/22/2000 8:11:16 AM #
There appears to be some confusion here. It isn't necessary to register to post your comments to a news article. In fact, there isn't a way to register. You can either write your name in the box labeled "Your Name" on the comments form or leave it blank to post anonymously.

Thanks for posting!



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