Beta Eudora Internet Suite for the Palm Released

Qualcomm has released the beta version of the Eudora Internet Suite for the Palm Computing platform. It has three parts: an e-mail app, a conduit to synch with your desktop, and a Web browser. The email app can display HTML, has mail filtering, can fetch only recent messages, and supports Palm address book lookup. The beta version can synch with the Windows version of Eudora while the final version will be able to synch with any MAPI-compliant desktop email client (such as Microsoft Outlook). The browser supports tapping on links, cookies, forms, offline viewing of cached pages, and authentication. The beta, which expires July 4, is free and the final version will be available soon for what the company refers to as a "nominal" charge.

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Mac Version

macfixer @ 5/22/2000 8:24:10 PM #
The Mac version of Eudora Mail does not come with the conduit, and does not support multiple accounts, AFAIK. As for me, I'll stick with the built-in Mail app and use Top Gun Postman for mail.

No IMAP and no Mac...

Dave L. @ 5/23/2000 9:22:39 AM #
I'm disappointed in the lack of IMAP support in
Eudora. This seems like a strange omission given
Qualcomm's mobile business focus. They seem to have
put more emphasis on syncing to a desktop than as using
the Palm as a mobile access device - definitely a
retrograde approach.

The lack of Mac conduit is also annoying, particularly
given the lack of IMAP - there's no way to share email
between the two platforms, even if you store your mail
on an IMAP server.

RE: No IMAP and no Mac...
spaghetti @ 5/23/2000 10:34:52 AM #
i'm disappointed that it still doesn't handle more than one account. therefore i'll keep on using multimail - since it also syncs to the desktop it seems the best palm mail application to me


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