HandSpring: Visor Due out 9/14!

This story on ZDnet reveals allot of new info on the new HandSpring PDA: the Visor. Due out next Tuesday, The Visor will come in 3 flavors: with the deluxe featuring 8 megs of memory at $249. It will have a similar form factor as a Palm III, and use the Palm OS 3.1. Other feature's include the improved screen and lithium-ion battery. It's said to run faster than current Palm's and has a 'springboard' for plug & play add-on devices. Yahoo also has some details. I can't wait.

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Price is higher than expected

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 1:42:42 PM #
In the past month or so, I saw some press stories that said that the new HandSpring device would be under $100 for the basic unit. I thought that was a little low. $179 is a bit higher than that. Personally I would only go for HandSpring if they had a Palm V similar device.

Paul Stauffer

RE: There still cheaper than any 3com Palm out (nt)
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 3:23:05 PM #
Palm III and IIIe are low priced too
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 11:15:23 PM #
I'm sure 3COM will drop their prices a little bit. Currently the Palm III can be had for the same price, although the Visor will have more features.

Palm III, $163.95
Palm IIIE, $197.99
Palm IIIx, $278

Trust Me

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 3:41:47 PM #
It's worth buying over the other Palms because of the enhanced software, but especially the 'springboard' That expansion slot is going to see a LOT of use.

-One who knows

RE: Trust Me
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 7:43:34 PM #
One who knows????
You wouldn't happened to have been at a developers preview, would you???? Don't feel like violating a NDA, do you???
RE: Trust Me
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/8/1999 10:21:47 PM #
If anyone violated a NDA here it would be zdnet.
But info is good no? This is going ot be a great pda.

Lithium Ion!

Clay @ 9/8/1999 5:25:55 PM #
WOW! A lithum ion battery! I wish I had one of those on my palm.


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/9/1999 9:42:02 AM #
For news and information on Handspring's Visor, check out http://www.visorcentral.com , or if the DNS has not updated


Mozzer @ 9/9/1999 2:39:59 PM #
MP3, cellular and more with a plug & play springboard.
That make this a highly expandible and usefull PDA.
3com's only real change to the Palm line was the sleek Palm V & the wireless Palm VII. Only it's creator Jeff, can really improve upon it with usefull functionality.


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