Intel, Fujitsu, AMD Ramp Up Flash Memory Productio

In an effort to cash into the exploding market for Flash memory, Intel announced today that it will spend over $2 billion in the next couple of years to increase their production capacity and on research and development to improve storage capacity of Flash memory.

In a related story, Fujitsu announced that it will build a $1.3 billion Flash memory plant with Advanced Micro Devices.

The TRGpro comes with a CompactFlash slot and there are several Handspring Springboard modules that use Flash memory to increase a storage capacity.

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Flah Storage for Palm Handhelds @ 5/24/2000 9:07:22 AM #
Am I the only person who is irritated that there are no good external storage solutions for Palm handhelds? TRGpros and Visors have a ton but not Palm or IBM. The only one I've ever seen is the FlashPlug and it is too expensive, too limited, and apparently on permanent back-order.

Are there any Flash memory products for the Palm in development out there? I think there would be a big market.

RE: Flah Storage for Palm Handhelds
GL @ 5/24/2000 10:16:56 AM #
RE: Flash Storage for Palm Handhelds @ 5/24/2000 12:30:43 PM #
Problem is, I can't buy an axxPac in the U.S. No reseller in the the States has stepped forward to sell this thing so I can't get my hands on one.

I also find a bit irritating that the axxPac doesn't use Flash memory. They use something else called SmartMedia. I don't really know the difference except that SmartMedia cards are much thinner. Not that this would stop me from buying one if I could.

RE: Flah Storage for Palm Handhelds
GL @ 5/24/2000 8:03:24 PM #
Smartmedia is flash memory.


As for the availability of the axxPac in the US, did you try the auction sites (eBay, Yahoo, etc...)? :)

RE: Flash Storage for Palm Handhelds @ 5/25/2000 8:46:51 AM #
Thank you for that link. Flash memory isn't something I know much about and when I tried to find out what the heck SmartMedia was, I wasn't able to find any sites with useful information besides "Buy our product!"

I have tried a couple of times to find an axx

RE: Flash Storage for Palm Handhelds @ 5/25/2000 8:50:20 AM #
Sorry, the return key got accidentally pressed in the middle of my last sentence. Anyway, I have tried a couple of times to find an axxPac up for auction but I've never been successful. I'm tempted to go to the company to see if they'd sell me five or six of them so I could auction them off.

If anyone hears of one for sale, please let me know!



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