Claudia Schiffer to Sell PalmPilots

Claudia SchifferPalm's latest licensee is not some big time company, it's supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The new Claudia Schiffer Palm organizer will come in a yet-unannounced color, which will match a line of accessories, cell phones and clothing. The move is part of an upcoming web site that will cater to the "younger, cooler, hipper customer." More on this story at Portable Life.

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Claudia to sell Palms!

Serpico @ 5/24/2000 4:39:06 PM #
hubba hubba!
RE: Claudia to sell Palms!
X-Cutor @ 5/24/2000 11:30:44 PM #
Hot Stuff!


Eddie Willers @ 5/25/2000 4:46:52 AM #
Awesome! Only one question... Will it be available in an 'R'-rated version as well?


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