Sprint Treo 650 Update Posted

Palm support has released a small update for the Sprint Treo 650 smartphone. The Serial Software update is designed to resolve data stalls experienced by customers using background data applications, such as GoodLink, on the Sprint Treo 650. It is only intended for the Sprint Treo 650.

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Still no 5.4.9?

dhaupert @ 8/10/2006 9:32:22 AM # Q
I can't believe they'd bother to release an update that doesn't have the OS 5.4.9 NVFS improvements. Seems like suicide to continue shipping a device that resets constantly whenever it decides to flush it's cache. To think they have the fix but don't bother releasing it makes no sense to me!

Dave Haupert
RE: Still no 5.4.9?
hkklife @ 8/10/2006 9:34:13 AM # Q
They probably want to wait until all of the Treo 650s still in the channel are sold. That way someone doesn't pick up a $200 650 instead of a $500 700P and realize many of the newer model's benefits.

Look how the T5 1.1 update was released just two months before the TX hit stores.

Or it's entirely possible that Palm doesn't want the new GSM Treo 670/Nitro to lose any sales to the patched 650 and the 5.4.9 update for the 650s will never see the light of day.

You'd think that Palm could at least give 650 owners a final update that would add official FAT32 compatability and fix the last of the NVFS bugs!

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be careful

arw4f @ 8/11/2006 6:37:49 PM # Q
If you haven't had problems that this patch is supposed to fix I'd stay away. I tried the patch just b/c I like having the latest and greatest, but my Treo started resetting on its own - a lot. Be careful out there.
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