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Recently I contacted Ximuoi about their "Pyro for Palm" mp3 player for the Palm III, and was concerned when I visited their site for some info. Links and Images were invalid, but found out from the webmaster they had changed their name. Now called PocketPyro, they have updated the website, and added some new images. In addition, sources have indicated possibly as soon as July to start shipping units.

Expected initial features include: MP3 stereo digital audio playback, Ability to store and retrieve Palm data and program files, ability to show up as a removable USB drive when connected to Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Possible future features may include: Speech recognition for commands and data entry, Text to speech (email and book reader), Audio books, Large database and reference materials with super-fast lookups, High quality digital audio formats (including AAC, WMA, and Liquid Audio), Music composition and Karaoke programs. They also indicate that Palm V users can use the PalmDock V to connect to it. (Good idea, don't leave out any of the market). Looks as if it will also run as a standalone MP3 player.

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Paul @ 5/26/2000 12:38:33 AM #
It sounds pretty cool but if I wanted a MP3 player the Nomad II sounds a lot more impressive.
RE: nah
Sfitz @ 5/26/2000 8:53:11 AM #
Oh it's not that it's an MP3 player only, it's that you can use it as a 32 or 64 meg
storage device for your PalmIII. Also because of the design, using a DSP chip they
can upgrade the apps that it supports. I'm also interested in seeing when they
get the voice command support built into it, and the SQL-ish access to large
databases stored within the Pyros memory.

Note to Hardware Hackers: It uses a serial port to communicate with the Palm and
has a Serial pass-thru, which means standard RS232 devices can talk with it. Coool!

Price? @ 5/27/2000 10:10:59 AM #
I think this looks cool. Is there any word from the developer on price?

RE: Price?
Tom @ 5/30/2000 5:05:39 PM #
Our target price is $299 for the 64MB model. Most of our cost is the flash memory. Our cost is very dependent on our volume (# of units we sell). If demand is high we should be able to sell at or below that price. Initial units may cost more because our cost is high at low volumes.


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