Free Palm IIIe with $500 deposit into CitiFI accou

If you open a savings account with CitiFI with an initial deposit of $500 and maintain the account for the next 6 months while making at least one deposit each month of an unspecified amount you get a FREE Palm IIIe.

For more info you can call them at 1-800-2-CITIFI and mention the offer code "CP" or apply online at

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Got mine yesterday

Ashley @ 5/26/2000 9:44:54 AM #
I just wanted to vouch for the offer. I sent in my application and check on 5/3, they received it and my account was credited on 5/12 and I received the Palm 5/25. It's definitely a win-win for me, not only do I get a free palm but the savings account they have is giving more interest than my normal bank! No monthly fees, higher interest, free Palm; life is good.
RE: Got mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2000 10:00:39 AM #
the funds are not insured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no thanks that IIIe could cost you $500
RE: Got mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/26/2000 12:54:11 PM #
CitiBANK is the nazi-like company whom pulled all credit card processing and alliances from gun stores. Yet they still protect their money with guns....

They aren't getting any more attention from me.

RE: Funds not insured
Mark Quering @ 5/26/2000 2:22:21 PM #
You misunderstood the information on their phone message and web site. Their checking and savings accounts are FDIC insured for $100,000.00 as required by law. Their investment accounts are like any other investment account i.e. trading account they are not required to be FDIC insured and can involve substancial risk.
RE: Got mine yesterday
Reid @ 5/27/2000 1:29:41 AM #
Citigroup is as big and reputable a bank as any in the world. Rest assured that your $500 will be safe - not to mention that it will earn a better interest rate than most brick & mortar banks.

I took them up on the offer, and got my Palm IIIe this week!

RE: Got mine yesterday
Jim Duffy @ 5/29/2000 10:45:33 AM #
The funds are definately insured. I also discovered (after making the post) that you don't have to open a savings account, you can also opt for a checking account or a CD.
Other offer?
CF @ 5/30/2000 10:33:48 AM #
Hey Jim,

How did you find out about this offer?? Its not advertised anywhere on the website, and the
customer service rep didnt offer any info about it. But in response to the promotion code, the
service rep did mention that there were in fact TWO offers - this one expiring in August, and
another one expiring in June. But she refused to divulge any details about the other offer
without the code! Anyone have any more info? Maybe the other offer's for a Palm Vx ;)

RE: Other Offer
rabidchild @ 5/30/2000 12:10:54 PM #
The other offer is 'CN'. The rep. I talked to said it was the same offer, good until August (its the one he signed me up for).
RE: Got mine yesterday
Jim Duffy @ 5/30/2000 1:02:02 PM #
Yes, the CN offer code seems to be the one to use now. I found out about the promotion through my roomate who received the offer in the mail. At the top of the flyer it said "A special offer to our preffered student customers" so I suppose the promo was originally targeted towards college students. However anyone can apply. Out of the four people who live in my apartment, three of us are opening accounts and the fourth will probably follow shortly. I wonder what they will think of having four Palm IIIe's getting sent to the same address at about the same time ?


RE: Got mine yesterday
simon @ 5/30/2000 2:54:17 PM #
I got the mail with promotion code CV, and it's also good until August.

RE: Got mine yesterday
barci @ 5/30/2000 3:04:22 PM #
I am from Germany and i have want to try this offer.

So my Question, cause my "Banking" english is not as good as my "internet english":

1. I can use CV or CN that doent matter ?
2. I can either open an
- saving deposit -> that means, i have to put 500$ one a time to this deposit or

- you can also opt for a checking account or a CD
My question: opt = option ?
So i just have to order a CD ?? and i get a PALM free ????

RE: Got mine yesterday
barci @ 5/30/2000 3:04:22 PM #
Tank you for the very good, fast answer.

I think i will call the CITIBANK, anbd ask them, if I, as an NON-US citizen are able to order this and if they send the palm to germany. I've send them a fax just 5 minutes ago. I will report here if it is possible or not.

(For me, it is not possible, to call 0800 from germany, so i have to wait i someone likes my fax.....)

RE: Got mine yesterday
barci @ 5/30/2000 3:04:22 PM #
I va called via from germany.

IT is ONLy fur US cititzens !!!!! IT is not fair for me !!!

RE: Got mine yesterday
Jim Duffy @ 5/30/2000 3:16:17 PM #

Yes, you can use either CN or CV

opt = option.

A CD in banking terms is different than a CD you would get with music on it. It stands for Certificate of Deposit and is like a savings account except you are not allowed to take money out until the CD has matured. In this case, you would deposit $500 into a 6 month CD and not be able to touch that money until six months has passed. afterwhich you could get your money back plus any interest you have earned on that $500. The interest rate on a CD is a little bit better than a savings account since you cannot touch that money for a certain period of time.

So, if you can afford to tie up $500 for six months than a CD might be the best option, since you are in Germany you would not have to make a monthly deposit like you would with either a checking or savings account.


RE: Got mine yesterday
Greg @ 5/30/2000 5:30:30 PM #
Another code is CM... from their website, deadline 6/30" CLASS=NEWS> is the page..

Hey Ashley - did your offer say it would be shipped in 60 days? In the terms&conditions of mine it says this..


RE: Got mine yesterday
Greg @ 5/30/2000 5:36:05 PM #
RE: Got mine yesterday
Ashley @ 5/30/2000 6:32:47 PM #
Greg, the offer did say 60 days but the rep I spoke to said it may be sooner. They said ALLOW 60 days, not that it'll ship in 60.
RE: Got mine yesterday
Greg @ 5/30/2000 6:47:42 PM #
Cool, thanks.. The offer I have here says it will ship after the account is active for 60 days. Those are the terms for code CM..

You used code CP? Or another? I have to send in another app, maybe Ill use a different code..I screwed up on the account number I was taking the deposit out of.. (I have two similar account numbers, one that is active one that isn't. Guess which I gave)


Anyone may call CITI for me
michy @ 5/31/2000 7:48:16 AM #
Can anyone call the 0800 number to ask if a GERMAN citizen can use the CM,CN or CV code too and get a free PALM

(It is not possible to call 0800 from europe !)


RE: Anyone may call CITI for me
Trent Bower @ 6/22/2000 8:11:41 PM #
I hate talking on the telephone... i mean, i just don't like using phones as a system of communication. I'm always concerned that the company will record my conversation -- or worse yet -- put me on speakerphone! Ugh! Furthermore, telephone correspondence does not preserve one's legal rights. When it comes to banks, that's a very important point to remember.

Unfortunately, Citi f/i does not make their mailing address (nor their e-mail address) readily available. I'm sure i once had it, for i sent them three checks for a sum of over US$1000 in order to open my Citi f/i savings account. I'm not sure if it's been 60 days yet since i mailed those checks (two were Citibank checks and one was drawn on the US Treasury), but it feels like it's taking forever! I'm not so concerned about the Palm or whatever it is, but i really need access to those funds! My Sears bill is nearly past due and my car insurance has to be paid soon as well. At this point, i'm wishing i had never signed up. One would think that they would provide a User ID and Password right away, even if it takes some time for the promo device to ship. That way, i could use the online bill-pay feature as originally intended. I've searched through their entire Website as well as the literature they sent with my application packet and i cannot find their address or e-mail address anywhere!

Did anyone else get their User ID and Password before their Palm shipped? Did they mail it to you or did they e-mail it to you? Just curious and still waiting.">

RE: Got mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/17/2000 11:44:15 AM #
Anyone get one recently? Or since the big backorders started?
I was on the phone with them the other day, and was told they are sending orders out each week, and they are about a week ahead of the 60 day schedule. But... it wasn't clear if he meant they were sending orders to Palm or if the orders were actually being shipped each week. It didn't hit me until after I was off the phone though, and I didn't have the number handy. About now they said they were shipping late May sign-ups' Palms..

RE: Got mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/24/2000 4:03:35 PM #
Well, I opened my account in June. Haven't gotten my Palm yet. Just got off the phone with Citibank (Citi F/I is being merged into Citibank as of October)and I'm still in the queue to get my free Palm IIIe. They're expecting a huge shipment to finish off all the backordered folks like myself.

RE: Got mine yesterday
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2000 10:25:46 AM #
My GF and I got ours yesterday on day 65. Good luck. I called Citi to find out if they would still honor the palm deal w/ the roll over from citi/fi to citionline.. they said yes.

Got mine this morning! (finally)
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/2000 1:34:22 PM #
whoo hooo! It's finally here! After close to 4 months, it finally got here! Wow.

free palm v?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/31/2000 12:26:59 PM #
dose anyone know a place on the internet that yoou can get a free palm v
RE: free palm v?
Ryan @ 5/31/2000 2:57:14 PM #
I noticed this" CLASS=NEWS> and remembered your comment. Apparently they give away a Palm V each week, but I don't know much about the service.


RE: free palm v?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2000 3:39:36 PM # is giving away free palm fives
Jack @ 6/6/2000 5:53:14 PM #


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