Action Names Users Group started

Attention All interested Action Names Users,
What's Action Names Users Group?
This group formed on May 17, 2000 to unite hundreds of Action Names users, to discuss Action Names related questions and issues, to get the latest information about Action Names, and spread the word about everything Action Names related.

For those new Palm OS device users you may ask What's Action Names? Action Names is an application that extends the functionality of the built in Palm OS applications. With Action Names, you'll get more from your Palm OS Computing organizer's native applications. That's right, Action Names greatly enhances the built-in calendar, to do list, and address list with a series of advanced layout options, views, and links designed to make managing your schedule easier and better than ever.

Follow this link and check us out:

Disclaimer: Action Names Users Group is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Action Names from iambic Software or iambic Software.

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