Palm takes 92% of the PDA market in March

Palm devices accounted for 92 percent of sales of handheld devices in March 2000 according to new data by NPD Intelect. Sales of Windows CE unit were expected to be lower than usual before the Pocket PC launch in mid-April. Clearly Palm still has a commanding lead of the market. Read more for the sales breakdown.

Mar 99 Mar 00 Pt. Chg
Palm 81.3% 91.8% 10.5
Casio 4.3% 2.8% -1.5
Hewlett-Packard 4.9% 1.8% -3.1
Compaq 0.2% 1.6% 1.4
NEC 1.2% 0.7% -0.5

The dollar figures cover the retail channel only and not sales over the Internet.

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And the others?

Ledo Maciel @ 5/31/2000 4:58:07 PM #
And about the others players, like Handspring, IBM, TGR and others?


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