Sprint Treo 700wx SMS Problems

RCR News is reporting that Sprint and Palm are aware of issues affecting the Treo 700wx and are working on a patch.

Palm and Sprint are aware that 700wx customers have been experiencing issues sending SMS messages within and outside the Sprint network. In some cases the message may not be received or the target Treo handset will receive a duplicate message.

Palm and Sprint say they will release a patch to address the issues before the end of December. Customers can also request credit for any charges as a result of the errors.

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Strangely, may want to credit TreoiCentral as first

SeldomVisitor @ 11/18/2006 3:03:49 PM # Q
Not only has a rather long thread been ongoing for a month and ahalf:

-- http://discussion.treocentral.com/showthread.php?t=125673

they've had an article on their front page since Thursday:

-- http://www.treocentral.com/content/Stories/979-1.htm

RE: Strangely, may want to credit TreoiCentral as first
Ryan @ 11/18/2006 3:24:52 PM # Q
Didn't catch that, but thanks for pointing that out.
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