Amazon to sell Handspring Visors online

Thanks to Mike Cane and Austin Burns for sending in the news that will now begin selling HandSpring Visors online. In its first weeks in retail stores, the Handspring Visor was the top-selling palmtop device, according to retail market research firm PC Data. The article also mentions that HandSpring is expected to release new devices this fall. They are rumored to be working on a slim Palm V like model and a color visor. You can find Amazon's new HandSpring section here.

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Next Visor

Alan Kloehn @ 6/1/2000 1:12:05 PM #
I'm have been looking to replace my Newton with something smaller and that is currently being supported.

I am looking towards the Visor, but I think that I should wait until the next generation. I have read that Palm is developing a new deivice running a StongARM processor and having to re-write the OS to run on this new processor. I hope they get rid of the silk screen area, increasing the display screen area, incorporate JOT or some other Handwriting recongition into the OS.

I have not heard alot about next generation palms or visors?

RE: Next Visor
Ryan @ 6/1/2000 2:08:40 PM #
>>I have not heard alot about next generation palms or visors

You usually don't get anything but rumors up until the week or two before the next gen units are released.

RE: Next Visor
PDA Boy @ 6/1/2000 11:34:09 PM #
Visor has some really serious quality issues. The case is made from a cheap resin plastic that cracks like peanut brittle! And since the OS isn't upgradeable, your stuck with OS 3.1H, the current version on the Palm is 3.5, and 4.0 is just around the corner. These are rather glaring problems!

I would wait to see what Sony has planned.

RE: Next Visor
Fenris @ 6/21/2000 12:36:13 AM #
I haven't had any desire to go to the next PalmOS....but that's just me... Most of the 3.5 features are already in 3.1H of my Visor (which is fast enough for me..) the USB cradle certainly is nice. My case hasn't cracked at all under heavy use....(I have the "Ice" case)
I don't know what some people may have done to theirs to break them "easily"....I guess I don't fall into that category. Of course I don't throw my cel-phone around the car either...some people are just too rough with their devices.... *GRIN*
I wouldn't write off the Visor because of non-upgradeable OS....

Buying a Visor From Amazon

Ryan @ 6/8/2000 9:59:33 AM #
I just wanted to mention that I purchased a Visor from Amazon on Friday the 2nd and it was at my door on Monday the 5th. Amazon did a great job with the order and got the Visor out asap.


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