Viruses for Handhelds

A virus aimed at cell phones and spread via e-mail has been discovered in Spain. While there is currently no danger from this virus to the Palm community, it is a harbinger of bad times to come. “Virus writers are starting to target handhelds and mobile phones,” said Mikko Hypponen, chief scientist for the Finland-based F-Secure antivirus company. “That’s what’s significant about this virus.”

We can only hope that Palm will realize the importance of building security into its systems. As handhelds leave their previous isolation and join the networked world, the danger of virus infection increases every day.

Vincent Gullatto, director of the AVERT antivirus lab at Network Associates, which makes McAfee antivirus software, said, “Automation is the key. Once macros start working for phones [and other handhelds], then we’ll have a problem."

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Why should they?????

Dennis Koerner @ 6/8/2000 11:19:45 AM #
I know that there sure is a problem with cel-phones, as it really annoys people. Everywhere they go, a phone rings and people start to talk very loud.
With Palm)I hope) this is different. As Palm offers an easy to use system, which doesnt crash all the time and the possibility to react on anything that happens(e.g. Hacks, own Programs), the people will rather hack code for an own program than for a virus.
I hope this is not only my way of thinking, but the normal thinking.
Otherwise we'll really have a problem.


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