Possible Treo 755 Sprint Release Date Leaked

Treo 755pRumor: Information regarding both the EOL date of the current Treo 700p and the possible launch date of the rumored Treo 755p has been leaked by way of an internal Sprint document posted to the SprintUsers forums. The list gives a number of current and upcoming handset dates. Of interest to Palm fans is the fact that the EOL date of the 700p has been changed from the "early May" of the previous leaked info to "mid May". This revised date could be in order to accomodate another delay in the testing and rollout of the long-awaited 700p ROM update.

The rumored Treo 755p, has now received a revised release date of May 14th. Curiously, this info sheet still has this Treo's early codename of "Sherlock" attached. This info matches up with all of the earlier reports giving it a release date in the mid-May to early June timeframe.

The document then goes on to specify that the standard color of the 755p will be the usual Sprint blue-grey of all recent CDMA Treos. However, the burgundy color units will still be offered as a sort of limited-edition run available at only a few exclusive Sprint stores (presumably, large market or top-performing corporate stores).

UPDATE: The Treo 755 has been officially released by Palm.

You can read our in-depth Treo 755 review, or check out the 755p at Palm.

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Verizon 755p

QDeath @ 4/9/2007 7:18:19 PM # Q
I HOPE a Verizon model is released at the same time. My contract expires the day the Sprint is released!!

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Holding my breath

vetdoctor @ 4/9/2007 7:40:21 PM # Q
My Treo 600 is dead. I am waiting though for the Treo 655.

Anyone have 6 miles of phone cord to spare?


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So what's new?

drbuzz0 @ 4/10/2007 1:20:36 PM # Q

So...um... is this really anything other than a 700p without an antenna and a slightly smaller form factor...

Possibly a tiny bit more ram and a few revamped 680-esq aps?

Anything else (at all) new here???

RE: So what's new?
joel0613 @ 10/16/2007 2:19:04 PM # Q
I ordered an upgraded mobile broadband card and it has a rebate on it. On the rebate form, the Palm 755p is listed with a $50 rebate good until 11-26-07. That atleast gives me hope...

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