Treo 755p Coming to Verizon as Well?

Rumor: All of the recent talk concerning the Treo 755p has focused on the device's availability on Sprint, with no details emerging regarding this new Treo being offered by Verizon Wireless. Now a rumor report on Engadget Mobile mentions that the 755p will indeed be offered by the nation's largest CDMA carrier.

The usually-reliable tipster HTC Kid has given Engadget Mobile the info that the Verizon of the phone will be nearly identical to its Sprint sibling. The only thing possibly different would be Verizon's version having some sort of location-based services on the phone (an initiative that Verizon has been pushing recently).

One discrepency in the article is the claim that the 755p has EVDO Rev. A onboard. All previous reports concur with the generally acknowledged limitations of the Garnet OS and state that the 755p will have the older EVDO Rev. 0 like its 700p predecessor.

No release date is given for the 755p on Verizon but it's not unreasonable to speculate that Verizon may launch the device after Sprint's leaked date of May 14th. Some users (including this author) and the Engadget article have speculated that this device might enjoy a period being offered solely on Sprint before coming to Verizon later this summer or in the fall.

It is possible that Sprint and Verizon are alternating exclusives on new CDMA Treos. While Sprint enjoyed early exclusivity on the CDMA Treo 300, 600 and 650, Verizon enjoyed an exclusive period with the first Windows Mobile Treo, the 700w, released last year. Then both carriers had near-simultaneous launches of the Palm OS-based 700p before Sprint again took a 6-month lead in offering the 700wx.

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QDeath @ 4/15/2007 10:11:28 AM # Q
summer or in the fall?!?!!??! UGH!!!

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