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What are those new icons for on the bottom right, you ask? By clicking on the picture of the talking guy, you will be taken directly to a comment box where you can leave your comments. Choosing the mail icon will allow you to email the selected story to anyone you wish. The Palm file icon will convert the 10 latest news stories into DOC format, so you can read the news on the go with your Palm. I'd appreciate any feedback or any other ideas you have, just post them below. Enjoy!

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what about this idea?

pshlortz @ 9/12/1999 2:22:20 PM #
how about this... include the comments sections in the convert to doc feature. then i assume the database has some sort of primary key on each comment, so make a e-mail address you can e-mail to reply to like with a subject of re:1029
and then your body of the mail would be the comment.

that way we can read the comments threads on the go and reply from our palm's with the standard mail app.

besides; i've read the 10 newest main news articles allready, but i usually dn't have time to follow the threads. this would give me something to do in chem class :-)

RE: what about this idea?
@tomic212 @ 9/12/1999 5:07:43 PM #
Good point. I've been planning to add the ability to comment from a Palm through the Avant Go channel. It won't work from a DOC. Look for it soon. As for including the comments in the Palm edtition, that might take up to much memory and I'm sure most people have a small amount free on thier Palm's. I have about 65k free on my Palm III, another reason I can't wait for the Visor Deluxe!
RE: what about this idea?
pshlortz @ 9/12/1999 6:27:00 PM #
true true; i dunno anything about the visor deluxe's special new features but 8mb would be damn nice;

my only concern is that the visor is solid in design; smaller than or equal to my palm3, and that EBcases makes a SlipperVisor or whatever it would be called. I can't imagine living w/out my slipper 3 wallet/case :-) what good is the palm if it is not with me?

RE: what about this idea?
jmason @ 9/13/1999 7:30:49 AM #
Well, sitescooper ( )
has included a site file for Palm Infocenter for a
few weeks; it can scoop new news stories and
convert to DOC, iSilo, RichReader or other formats,
and will include the comments (it's not two-way,
though, so unless the mail support as suggested
is implemented you only get to read them).

It's free and works on Windows, Macs and UNIX.

BTW I can't say I'm not biased in favour of
sitescooper, I write it after all ;)


Print button?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/1999 2:46:20 PM #
Why not have a print button to print hte news article without graphics?

The talking head might cause problems.

DukeOfFnordia @ 9/12/1999 5:35:10 PM #
I mean, why have six people tap that and comment on the /same/ thing? Maybe you should just make it go to the comments area and skip the direct-comment feature.


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