Sprint Treo 600 Case Settlement

Handspring Treo 600 ~ Click for LargerA class action lawsuit against Palm and Sprint has recently been settled. The case involved customers who purchased a Sprint Treo 600 before October 27, 2004. The suit claimed that Palm and Sprint made misleading statements in regard to the availability of Bluetooth and WiFi expansion cards for the Treo 600.

Our more astute readers will recall that no such cards ever came to be for the Treo 600 (or any other Palm OS Treo for that matter). Without admitting any wrongdoing, Palm and Sprint have agreed to settle the case by issuing eligible customers a Sprint service credit or Palm store credit.

Current Sprint customers who purchased a Sprint Treo 600 before October 27, 2004 are entitled to a $20 Sprint service credit. If you are no longer a Sprint customer Palm will issue you a $27.50 credit that may be used for a purchase at Palm's online store.

All claims must be submitted by midnight on September 15, 2009. Further information, including the claim form package and details can be found at: www.sprinttreo600settlement.com.

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