FCC Reveals Details of 3 Upcoming Clies

The FCC has leaked information and images of three unreleased Sony Clie handhelds. The PEG-TH55 appears to have a 320x480 screen with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the TJ-37 brings a VGA camera and Wi-Fi to Sony's entry range lineup.

Sony Clie TH55 FCC Image ~ CLICK IT FOR LARGR!The TH55 runs Palm OS 5.2 and has a high res+ 320x480 pixel, 65k color screen and an integrated flip cover to protect the display. The model has both built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11b) as well as an IR pot and a Memory Stick PRO slot. It has 32MB or RAM, with 32MB user available. Internally the TH55 runs the Sony "Handheld engine", the sony custom chip-set that first debuted on the UX50. It is not clear what CPU clock speed is "under the hood".

The dimensions are approximately 3 × 4 7/ 8 × 17/ 32 inches (73.3 × 121.5 × 13.4 mm) (w/h/d). With the cover attached it is approx. 3 × 4 / 8 × / 8 inches (73.3 × 121.5 × 15.7 mm). It weighs 5.8 oz (165 g) without the cover, 20g more with it attached.

This unit's front-side is dominated by the large display and has row of small of application buttons along the bottom. On the backside of the device, is the built in camera, which has a retractable lens cover. Above the camera is a different, top rear center mounted jog dial with left and right directional arrows and a back button.

PEG-TJ37 and TJ-27
The PEG TJ 37 and 27 share a similar case, display and camera but are two very different handhelds. The TJ37 has integrated Wi-Fi, voice recorder and digital audio, while the TJ27 leaves these out, presumably for an entry level affordable price. Both share a VGA digital camera on the back of the unit. They are using the redesigned jog dial on the front of the handhelds that includes a vertical scroll wheel and left and right keys in addition to the four application buttons.

Sony Clie TH55 FCC Image ~ CLICK IT FOR LARGR!They both run Palm OS 5.2 and have a 320x320, 65k color screen, 32MB of RAM (23MB user accessible) and have IR port and a Memory Stick slot. They are both powered by a Motorola i.MXL dragonball ARM processor. They are approximately 3 x 4.5 x 17/32 inches (w/h/d) or (75 x 113 x 13.2mm) and weigh 5 ounces or 145g.

All come with the usual sony apps and a few others including AudioPlayer (TJ37 only), Clie Software Suite, Decuma Latin Input, Flash player, Memory Stick backup, Netfront Web Browser v3.1, Picsel Viewer and the standard Palm OS apps.

The info comes from early drafts and images taken from the FCC, the specs and details could change when the units are officially announced by Sony. Pricing or anticipated availability is not known at this time.

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That TH is outathe blue ... price?-

Palm Cow @ 1/12/2004 6:48:51 PM #
Whats the price on that nice-sounding thingy? Is it a tablet?

First post (maybe)

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RE: That TH is outathe blue ... price?-
edeab220 @ 1/12/2004 10:19:19 PM #
There are three entries in the Staples database:

Sku no. 561401 Sony Handheld price $199.99
Sku no. 561402 Sony Handheld price $299.99
Sku no. 561444 New HH price $349.99

So far we're thinkin' the TH55 will be $349 :D.

Editor-In-Chief at: www.pocketloft.com

RE: That TH is outathe blue ... price?-
a3 @ 1/13/2004 7:48:10 AM #
If the TJ37 comes out at US$300 I think it is going to get some dust in BestBuy's shelves. The TE includes audio and the specs seem superior except for the camera... and did I mention that it is cheaper?

Former Tapwave's Helix fan, now a T|T3 fan.
RE: That TH is outathe blue ... price?-
madmaxmedia @ 1/13/2004 12:03:10 PM #
TE cheaper? Umm, the Sony has Wi-Fi.

RE: That TH is outathe blue ... price?-
rsc1000 @ 1/13/2004 2:53:48 PM #
>>The TE includes audio and the specs seem superior except for the camera... and did I mention that it is cheaper?

No - the T|E has no Wi-Fi, voice recorder, or camera. Depending on yr needs - these are important additions. The Wi-Fi will be the obvious advantage here - still no wi-fi SD for Palm and even then the extra cost will more than make up the diff between the T|E and this Sony model (plus yr expansion slot will used up).

No Bluetooth atleast in US
JonathanChoo @ 1/17/2004 5:46:36 PM #

Generic Casio > Psion 5/StarTac > Vx > m505 > Sony N770C > Sony T625C/Ericsson T39m > Sony NR70V > Toshiba e310 > Tungsten T/Ericsson T68m > HP h2210 > Tungsten T3/Ericsson T610

Dream comes true????

bchiu @ 1/12/2004 6:52:35 PM #
Aparts from functionalities... the size of TH55 seems very very good.

TH55: 73.3 ¡Ñ 121.5 ¡Ñ 13.4 mm (w/o cover), 165 g

TT3: 76 x 109 (slider closed) x 13 mm, 156g

Want to know about its' battery... hope better than TT3's 3 hours.

RE: Dream comes true????
epall @ 1/12/2004 7:02:03 PM #
Yeah! This is what we were wanting what, 6 months ago? Everybody was talking about a 320x480 CLIE with no moving parts! Man, if my T665C dies, this is what I'm getting. Go sony! Oh yeah, I wonder what the price is...
RE: Dream comes true????
abosco @ 1/12/2004 7:02:47 PM #
Full spec list posted here:


NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616

RE: Dream comes true????
Bartman007 @ 1/12/2004 7:10:05 PM #
ewww, 2.5 hours battery life with WiFi... well, it's almost as good w/ WiFi as the T3 is w/o WiFi.

RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/12/2004 7:43:18 PM #
Finally, finally, finally!

Now, to decide between the TE2, T3, T4, or this new Sony 55. What a pleasant decision.

RE: Dream comes true????
bobes @ 1/12/2004 7:45:57 PM #
damn and I just got a T3... got to check out this unit when it comes out... T3 will definitely get ebayed.

RE: Dream comes true????
sub_tex @ 1/12/2004 7:49:52 PM #
no landscape still? Tsk tsk, Sony. The jog dial and back button are in the worst possible places too.

RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/12/2004 7:58:50 PM #
The back doesn't look like another set of jog dials to me. It looks like a hinge for the flip lid.

RE: Dream comes true????
Miss Clie @ 1/12/2004 7:59:50 PM #
Holy crap and yahoo! My trusty old 760C has been starting to act up as late, and I've been burning offerings to the gods for Sony to release something in time to upgrade. If the pricing isn't too insane, this will be mine. Where do I preorder?!!
RE: Dream comes true????
Enfors @ 1/13/2004 3:13:25 AM #
The jog dial is actually in a brilliant position if you think about it. If I understand correctly, there's left / right buttons on either side of it (as well as a "back" button). Try placing all those on the side of the device, and operate them all with one hand only. It would be very awkward. With this setup, you can easly access all buttons with your index finger, while you hold the device securely between your thumb and your remaining fingers. And since the flip cover is transparent, this will be a very good way of looking up data with only one hand.

RE: Dream comes true????
ScottL @ 1/13/2004 11:52:48 AM #
Timothy Rapson @ 1/12/2004 7:43:18 PM
Finally, finally, finally!
Now, to decide between the TE2, T3, T4

T4?? are there any reasonable rumors of a T4?

RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/13/2004 12:56:27 PM #
RE: Reasonable rumors of T4?

Best Buy and some other chain recently listed the T3 as discontinued. But, no I haven't seen the kind of information about T4 that we have seen about the Zire 31 and TE2.

I am not really expecting a T4 before OS 6. I really like the software updates of the T3 and the extreme speed. I especially like the friendly way you can pop up the time with one button, as I use my Clie as a watch. In fact, I stopped wearing a watch shortly after I got my Clie without thinking about it.

I suppose there will be utilities that allow screen rotation, larger clips (in fact, Sony has some new cut and paste feature built in) and the rest. But, overall Sony is not doing software as well for my desires as PalmOne is.

Maybe I should buy one of each--TE2, T3, T4, TH55, TJ37, UX50 -- compare them all and send the ones I don't like all back. No, that would hardly be fair to Dell Online.

RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/13/2004 1:09:13 PM #
OOPs! Now, I remember where I read about the discontinued OS 5ers. iNOMAD mentions them below.

RE: Dream comes true????
rsc1000 @ 1/13/2004 3:04:28 PM #
The T3 still wins in terms of memory (64 vs 32) and landscape - why doesn't sony do landscape? (and with the UX - why don't they do portait? WTF?). Maybe Sony is just waiting for OS 6 (which reportedly has landscape built-in) so that they won't have to introduce an incompatible landscape API - who knows.

RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/13/2004 6:26:00 PM #
The TH55 wins in non-slider, camera, WiFi, and possibly better battery life. I don't like the Memory Stick format, but I already have several memory sticks so I might not need to buy another until they get down in six months to the price that SDs are at now. Pathetic, I know, because by then SDs will be even cheaper still.

I may get a $270 Minolta G400 digital camera with the dual MS and SD slots instead of the $150 Minolta X20 that only includes SD slot. Another extra expense and even then, I won't be able to run standard AVI or MPEG movies from the camera on the Clie without runnig them through the desktop with Kinoma first. This sure could be easier. But, it is what it is.

RE: Dream comes true????
rsc1000 @ 1/13/2004 11:50:49 PM #
>> even then, I won't be able to run standard AVI or MPEG movies from the camera on the Clie without runnig them through the desktop with Kinoma first.

Heard of MMPlayer?


RE: Dream comes true????
Timothy Rapson @ 1/14/2004 7:53:35 AM #
I had not heard of MMPlayer. Cool.

But, now, I HAVE to get a camera with memory stick if I go with the Clie over the T3. Hmmm.... G400 it is, I guess.

RE: Dream comes true????
JKingGrim @ 1/14/2004 3:01:46 PM #
T4?? are there any reasonable rumors of a T4?

There are strong rumors that the TT4 will have dual wireless, HVGA, ATI Imageon graphics card, ect.


RE: Dream comes true????
jbeedham @ 1/14/2004 8:54:18 PM #
TH55 for $349 is a good price if it includes 802.11b. I will probably pick on eup if this is true.

currently using Palm m125 and wants a Garmin iQue.


Verteron @ 1/12/2004 8:00:34 PM #
Is the black finish final or have they just not painted it for the FCC filing? Looks a bit yucky. Silver would be nicer.

RE: TJ-27/37
mikecane @ 1/13/2004 10:59:25 AM #
I got your silver right here...

I *DETEST* silver PDAs, dammit!

I've wanted a Batman Black one for so long -- and Sony finally got the shade *right* with that last NX (70? 73? whatever...). I hope this one has the same shade.

RE: TJ-27/37
Timothy Rapson @ 1/13/2004 1:06:51 PM #
I am with MikeCane (don't let it get around!) I like the color of that black NX and the old metal cased HP Jornadas. My silver NR is OK. The silver Ipaq was too slippery, but look OK.

But, that flat black just says pocket electronics to me.

RE: TJ-27/37
mikecane @ 1/13/2004 6:03:31 PM #
Let's be clear that the NX has better black than that NZ!

RE: TJ-27/37
SPCagigas @ 1/15/2004 2:00:19 PM #
I want one Newton Green with that nice grippy feel the original newtons had.

Please come out now!

iNOMAD @ 1/12/2004 10:18:47 PM #
I want this one bad! Good thing that i just sold my ipaq and zodiac.

i have an ipaq 4150, a Zodiac1, a and nextel i95cl.

I heard...

iNOMAD @ 1/12/2004 10:29:18 PM #
From a best buy employee that they are trying to sell their stock of remaining clies, (ux50,nx,and t series) because a crop of new models are on the way in the next few weeks. I guess this will be the last crop of os5 sony's. This is very exciting.

i have an ipaq 4150, a Zodiac1, a and nextel i95cl.

55 a sweet unit

Hal2000 @ 1/12/2004 11:13:41 PM #
Now the only excuse is to wait for an OS6 w/ microdrive


Memory too small

Obelix @ 1/13/2004 12:29:08 AM #
32 MByte Memory (maybe only 23MByte useable) is too less. Standard should be 64 MByte, 128 MByte would be nice.

Psion5 -> PalmV -> Filofax -> iPAQ5450 (stolen after 2 month) -> Clié SJ22 -> iPAQ2210 -> TungstenE -> Tungsten T3

RE: Memory too small
Gazpacho @ 1/13/2004 8:56:45 AM #
I agree that 32 Mb is too less, but please read the specs: it is 32 Mb usable, no less. :)

There is however 32 Mb ROM. I guess the new Clié apps take in a lot of space, but I'm sure some room could be freed up in there with a new version of Jacksprat.

RE: Memory too small
LiveFaith @ 1/13/2004 11:46:11 AM #
Is that 32mb useable or did they transpose 23mb? Apologies ahead of time for doubting PIC penmanship.

Pat Horne; www.churchoflivingfaith.com

Why does Sony always do this to me?

Foo Fighter @ 1/13/2004 2:33:51 AM #
There I was on the verge of having to pick myself up off the floor after reading about the screen being 320x480 in a non-clamshell form factor, when one little detail completely burst my halcyon happy bubble. OS 5.2.1???? No OS6?!?!? What the hell is up with that? Why would Sony introduce a hot new PDA running OS 5 now? Jeez, I'm going back to bed. I can't believe you guys woke me up for this news.

My blog: www.pocketfactory.com
RE: Why does Sony always do this to me?
iNOMAD @ 1/13/2004 7:45:23 AM #
They're releasing another os5 clie because os5 is just over a year old, and they want to release some more devices under the current license. I just hope that they have an os6 upgrade later this year.

Im going to buy a Sony TH55!
RE: Why does Sony always do this to me?
Foo Fighter @ 1/13/2004 9:16:31 AM #
OS6 upgrade? From Sony? Are you nuts?

My blog: www.pocketfactory.com
RE: Why does Sony always do this to me?
Timothy Rapson @ 1/13/2004 1:12:39 PM #
I'm not bothered by OS 5. In fact, I already know that BugME, DiddleBug, FITALY, TealPaint (finally! over 1 year late), WordSmith run. I am not interested in waiting another year for those to run correctly on OS 6.

As to 32 MB. It seems cheap to me too. Wonder if they will do the same they did with the other Handeld Engine, the UX and include all that other odd memory? Either way, it is marginal, but workable for me.

And, Sony is not bad on upgrades. They upgraded at least one model. I am not sure, the old 610? It was from OS4 to OS 4.1 or something. With these models coming out just after OS 6 went gold master, I would think that they know enough about it to know whether or not upgrades are possible, but just don't have the time/desire to go all the way through the approval/documentation/testing to ship them with OS 6. It might be worth waiting a few weeks to see if there is official announcement of upgradability. I will have to wait until I am sure FITALY works.

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