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1 10/25/2018 New Palm Device Goes on Sale Nov 2
Verizon today announced that the new Palm will be available exclusively on the Verizon network starting November 2nd. The new Palm, yes they are simply calling the new device Palm, will come in two…
2 10/15/2018 New Palm Phone Details Announced
The company behind the Palm brand revival is out with the news about its new Palm phone device. The new product is basically a "mini phone" backup companion to your standard modern large screen…
3 9/8/2018 Palm Pepito Spotted Again In Newly Leaked Images
The rumored Palm smartphone comeback seems to be progressing with a new leak. A new photo sourced by AndroidHeadlines shows off a design render of the Palm Pepito aka Palm PVG100. Of note is the…
4 8/7/2018 Is Palm Ventures Group the new Palm?
The recent Palm PVG100 reveal has thrust a few new details about the Palm brand relaunch out into the wild. One of the more curious points to arise is the name of company that is making the actual…
5 8/7/2018 Is This the New Palm Logo?
Newly published FCC documents have revealed a possible new Palm branded device headed our way soon. Our earlier story today showed that new documents reveal that a new Palm PVG100 model has been…
6 8/7/2018 Palm PVG100 Spotted in FCC Docs
A new Palm branded mobile device has been spotted in newly posted public FCC fillings. First spotted by the site, Android Police, the documents make numerous references to a Palm PVG100 model…
7 9/14/2017 Palm Brand Set For Return in 2018
The Palm brand is set for a comeback in 2018 according to a new report. Palm smartphones and potentially other devices are expected to debut next year from China based multinational electronics…
8 9/20/2011 HP Begins Layoffs at the Palm Global Business Unit
HP is currently in the process of letting a large amount of former Palm Inc. employees go amid the recent decision by HP to terminate its mobile hardware business. WSJ's Digital Daily reports that as…
9 5/4/2011 HP Veer 4G Announced for AT&T
HP today has made the webOS 2.1 powered Veer 4G official. It will hit AT&T retail and virtual store shelves on May 15th for $99 with the usual 2-year contract. Final specs are identical to what…
10 11/22/2010 Pre 2 Mockups Appearing in Rogers Stores
A Twitpic user by the name of Brianmarco has posted a shot of an in-store mockup Pre 2 from a Rogers retail store in Canada. The mockup unit's screen shows the Pre in full multitasking card glory…
11 11/16/2010 Unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available in the UK  
12 11/15/2010 Sprint Palm Pre Officially EOL'd  
13 11/11/2010 Palm Pre 2 Hardware Changes Demo'd  
14 11/11/2010 Palm Pre Beginning to Disappear from Stores  
15 10/19/2010 Palm to Offer Unlocked Pre 2 Developer Phone  
16 10/19/2010 HP Announces the Palm Pre 2, HP webOS 2.0  
17 10/15/2010 New Talent Arriving at Palm  
18 9/13/2010 Sprint Slashes Pre, Pixi Prices  
19 8/10/2010 Palm's Executive Lineup Disbands Further  
20 8/2/2010 Palm Announces Winners of Hot Apps Contest  
21 7/6/2010 Dubinsky Pens a Good Luck Letter to Palm  
22 7/6/2010 HP Giving Away Palm Phones  
23 7/1/2010 HP Completes Palm Acquisition  
24 6/28/2010 HP Deal Expected to Close July 1st  
25 6/25/2010 Palm Developer Platform VP Departs  
26 6/16/2010 Palm Pixi Fares Poorly in SAR Rating Report  
27 6/9/2010 AT&T Goes Free on the Palm Pixi Plus  
28 6/9/2010 Another webOS Architect Jumps Ship  
29 6/8/2010 Palm Pixi Plus Now Available from AT&T  
30 5/17/2010 AT&T Pre Plus Now Available, Pixi Launch Confirmed  
31 5/10/2010 AT&T Palm Pre Plus Officially Due May 16th  
32 5/10/2010 Verizon Pixi Plus Now Free With Contract  
33 5/3/2010 The Palm PDA's That Never Were  
34 5/3/2010 Verizon Palm Pre Plus Drops Below $30  
35 5/3/2010 Pixi Plus On Its Way to Vodafone Spain  
36 4/28/2010 HP: A Transformational Deal for the Mobile Market  
37 4/26/2010 Sprint Palm Pixi Now Free With Contract  
38 4/23/2010 Rubinstein: We Still Have a Plan  
39 4/20/2010 Palm Announces SFR Launch Details  
40 4/20/2010 Mike Abbott Jumps to Twitter  

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