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1 11/23/2010 Janam Extends Palm OS Garnet License
While we somehow managed to overlook this news item on its initial August 30th release, since we've been covering a good bit of Palm OS news of late courtesy of Aceeca and Motion Apps' Classic,…
2 11/8/2007 Chapura Updates FolderMirror
Chapura has released a new version of its FolderMirror software. FolderMirror gives you the ability to carry and stay connected to any Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts folders. Users have the…
3 10/23/2007 Palm Announces Microsoft Mobile Device Manager 2008 Support
Palm today announced that it will make the Palm Treo 750 smartphone compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, to deliver increased security and easier phone management, as…
4 10/9/2007 Datastick Releases A Treo-Based Vibration Analyzer
Datastick Systems has released a new handheld Treo-based Vibration Spectrum Analyzer / Data Collector. Vibration Spectrum Analyzers are used for industrial machine diagnostics and predictive…
5 9/5/2007 How PDAs Are Saving Lives in Africa
The UN Dispatch blog has a new article entitled "How PDAs Are Saving Lives in Africa." The author describes how PDAs (namely Palm Zire's) are being utilized in a heath care program in Zambia. The…
6 7/25/2007 Common Access Card System for Treo Smartphones Now Available
Palm today announced the availability of a Common Access Card (CAC) solution for Palm Treo smartphones running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology. CACs are "smartcards" that contain both…
7 4/2/2007 Physicians Take Up Treo 680's To Improve Productivity
Jupiter Medical Center chose a joint wireless solution from AT&T Inc. and Palm to deliver McKesson's Horizon MobileCare Rounding solution. The combination of these technologies enhance Jupiter…
8 2/22/2007 San Diego Police Arms Officers with Treo Smartphones
Palm today announced that the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), a department serving one of the 10 most populated cities in the United States, has deployed Palm Treo 700w smartphones throughout its…
9 2/13/2007 New Treo CAC Solution Demonstrated
Palm today unveiled a new Bluetooth Common Access Card solution for WinMob Treos at Microsoft’s Army Symposium. While not significant to the majority of users, CACs are now standard-issue for military…
10 11/10/2006 Symbol Concludes Palm OS Licensing Agreement
CRN has posted an article concerning not only the cessation of Symbol's Palm OS product line but also some key background info on Janam Technologies. It states that Symbol is now taking its last…
11 11/8/2006 Janam Licenses the Palm OS, Shows New Devices  
12 11/7/2006 New Palm Vibration Spectrum Analyzer  
13 10/27/2006 New Laser SD Barcode Scanner from Socket  
14 9/19/2006 Motorola To Acquire Symbol Technologies  
15 5/9/2006 Medtronic Prescribes Treos to Employees  
16 3/13/2006 ACT! 2006 for Palm OS Released  
17 3/2/2006 Palm to Showcase the Treo to Government  
18 2/28/2006 SD RFID Module for Palm OS  
19 2/27/2006 Ariba Mobilizes with the Treo  
20 2/26/2006 Handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzer  
21 2/22/2006 Good Ships Mobile Defense Handheld Security Tool  
22 2/21/2006 Strong Authentication Available for Palm OS  
23 2/15/2006 Survey Says Mobile Professionals Like Treo's  
24 1/30/2006 Symantec Handheld AntiVirus Suite Update  
25 1/20/2006 iAnywhere Introduces Sales Anywhere  
26 11/7/2005 Good Announces Handheld Security Application  
27 10/25/2005 PHT Chooses the Treo 650 for Wireless Clinical Trials  
28 9/30/2005 Sprint to Offer BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS  
29 7/12/2005 DataViz Launches RoadSync for Palm OS  
30 3/31/2005 DataViz Licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Protocol  
31 1/25/2005 Good Teams With Oracle for Mobile Web Services  
32 8/2/2004 ePocrates Introduces Mobile Clinical Reference Suite  
33 8/2/2004 Cingular Launches New Treo 600 Email Solutions  
34 7/13/2004 Mobile Mail for GroupWise for the Treo 600  
35 5/19/2004 HealthRamp Deploys Wireless Handheld Prescriptions  
36 5/3/2004 Survey: Most Corporate PDAs Left Unprotected  
37 2/23/2004 palmOne and Sprint Team on Mobile HeathCare Solutions  
38 2/4/2004 Good Tech Updates Goodlink Enterprise Suite  
39 11/12/2003 Certicom Gains FIPS Validation for Palm OS  
40 11/2/2003 Mergic Releases OS 5 VPN Client  

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