webOS Lands In Europe

update Hooray for us, GSM Pre owners: webOS has hit our myriad shores, packing its various tasty new bugfixes and sparkling SDL support - meaning we can finally join our CDMA-totin' brethren in getting our Doom on.

You know the drill, folks: remove all homebrew patches before upgrading, lest you find yourself breaking something you shouldn't have. (Exact upgrade instructions, via WebOS Internals, are after the break.) We'll post the full changelog as soon as it goes up on Palm's site. In the meantime, happy downloading - be prepared for a long wait. (Mine is taking forever.)

Homebrew Upgrading Instructions

  • Upgrade Preware to latest version before updating, via the Package Updates menu.
  • Run Emergency Patch Recovery before updating to remove all patches. (And remove any themes you may have installed before that!)
  • Run Emergency Migration Helper after updating, to fix any homebrew apps that don't play nicely with the new app limit fix.
  • If you're going to use WebOS Quick Install for anything, make sure you use version 2.96 or later and remove all tweaks.

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