More Reports on Possible m505 Delivery Dates

Many Palm users are becoming increasingly frustrated and cynical as companies pass their promised delivery dates with no m505s in site. As one Palm enthusiast put it, "this whole 505 thing lies somewhere between 'sport' and 'obsession' ".

Office Depot is now taking orders for the m505 on its webstore and promising delivery within 3 days. However, the site's m505 page doesn't inspire confidence, as it is just a product name and a price.

There doesn't seem to be any consistency in reports on when actual Office Depot stores will have any in stock, though May 10 is the date quoted slightly more often than most. The most frequent response from Office Depot employees seems to be some variation of "I don't know."

Most readers continue to report that Staples stores are quoting a May 8 delivery date.

Josh Goldfoot related this: "I just called the Palm Store to ask when they were going to ship my m505, which I had pre-ordered on March 19. He was confident that it would be shipped 'sometime next week or the week after that,' which I took to mean a ship date of sometime between May 7 and May 19. He admitted that the factory was still manufacturing the units."

One small bright spot in all this is that stores seem willing to cancel pre-orders with no hassle. They are probably aware that they can sell far more m505s than they will get in and it is counterproductive to try to force a customer to take a unit they don't want when multiple other customers would be glad to purchase it. Palm has certainly taken the attitude of encouraging people who have pre-ordered with them to cancel their orders if they find an m505 in a store.

Many people are also curious about when m505 peripherals would be available. Jerry F. Giardina said, "Spoke with Palm yesterday and they informed me that the Travel Charger will not be available until July and the Hard case that they are taking orders for is still in the design process!"

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Order from Office Depot

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 7:50:28 AM #
I've ordered the 505 via Office Depot's website and will wait. When it gets here it gets here.

RE: Order from Office Depot
xynos @ 5/2/2001 10:54:23 AM #
The website is now saying that the item is currently unavailable :(

Just bought 2 M505 and got 2 16 Meg SD chip free!!!
dteky @ 5/2/2001 11:38:57 AM #
Damn! I could hardly believe it! I Just bought 2 M505 and got 2 16 Meg SD chip free!!! I live in a podunk not too many people know too much about palms...anyways. Went out to Office Depote this morning and they had three in. I bought 2 of them. I asked the manager there if he was able to give me the free SD Card per adds out with Staples/Best Buy etc...He said that it really is only for the M500 but for me he will do. Sorry guys, I can't give you the store or location due to the fact that I promise I would keep the store location anonymous. Thumbs up for Office Depote!!!


RE: Order from Office Depot
xynos @ 5/2/2001 12:19:33 PM #
called OD in downtown Minneapolis and they don't have any m505 yet.. Anyone knows when it'll be arriving?

RE: Order from Office Depot
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 2:04:31 PM #
Office Depot now reorts that they ahve 400 in stock and ready to ship! Ordered mine and they promise a three business day deliverly.
They also will pick up and return the unit for free if you want to return it, must be done within 7 days!
Folks, those of you that have it (east coast OD's have them, thanks're preorder customers, wait and love you, NOT)

those that have it...please keep pics and first impressions coming and THANKS!

I have an m505!

rhash @ 5/2/2001 8:08:27 AM #
Woo Hoo!

Just got it at the Office Depot in Annapolis/Parole, Maryland. They got in 4 today, bought one for me and one for the wife.

Yes, that leaves 2 left.

It's cool! Screen looks fine...but is better with backlight on...of course, haven't even charged the thing fully yet!

Haven't played much with it yet...very small...

Anyway, they're out there...

Good luck!

Randy Hash


RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:21:25 AM #
How did you manage to buy it before 8 am? Doesn't Staples open at 9? I think this guy is a troll.


RE: I have an m505!
rhash @ 5/2/2001 8:25:27 AM #
A troll! I don't know where you come from, but the Office Depot opens at 7am around these parts, mister.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:26:12 AM #
If he is a troll, he is the first troll to have a legit user account and leave his name. I hope it is true.


RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:27:10 AM #

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:28:55 AM #
rhash...if u have it tell us what came in the box? How many CD's did u get w/ it?

RE: I have an m505!
rhash @ 5/2/2001 8:32:01 AM #
There are two is Palm Desktop software, the other is mobile connectivity software, which says it contains web clipping for palm os, palm sms, multimail se v1.0, and documentation.

I'm not sure how to prove to you guys that I have one...I hate to do this, but call the office depot if you want...410 573-0020...but at this point, you should probably ask if they HAD them, not if they HAVE them....

Remember, I am the guy who pointed out the community first that office depot had m500s a week or so ago (may have been at Palmstation)....I do my homework, I am diligent about finding out who has what when....I have called every morning to office depot, specifically to their receiving manager...and now i have one.


RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:36:43 AM #
Ok, I screwed up. He said Office Depot and I read Staples. And he's right, OD opens at 7. Sorry called you a troll so fast. I need more coffee.


Annapolis store
alee @ 5/2/2001 8:38:55 AM #
The Annapolis, MD store is open from 7am-9pm M-F. This could
be legit.


RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:48:11 AM #
I just called and they have 1 left in stock...this is legit.

Mike H

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:51:27 AM #
You know, you're supposed to charge the thing for several hours before you use it, don't you? Perhaps you didn't know. Perhaps you don't care. Perhaps you are lying.

RE: I have an m505!
rhash @ 5/2/2001 8:56:56 AM #
Yeah, I know I am supposed to be charging it...and I am...2 hours at first it says...but there was enough juice to turn it on...I mean, come on, are you going to not at least take a peek at the screen when you take it out of the box?

BTW, lying?

I think I'm taking all of this abuse pretty well, don't you? I mean, considering that I'm not really bragging about having one, I'm just letting everyone know that they are out there...

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:58:59 AM #
I heard they come with a few minutes charge. Maybe this is for customers who want to make sure it works before buying. Maybe just part of the manufacturing process.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:59:46 AM #
I called my local OD and Staples and they have none in stock. OD said May 8th. I was put on hold while they checked for stock. I also don't see where the M505 is offered on the Office Depot web site. I would like to see a pick of the box and receipt of the person that swears they have one.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:02:19 AM #
You can use them in the cradle. It charges and runs the thing at the same time. I'm deep in that ugliest of emotions, envy.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:03:03 AM #
Palm does ship the units with a minimal charge and you can turn it on depending on how long the unit has been sitting on the shelf, in this case absolutely possible since the unit is fresh from the assembly line.

Randy, no bashing here. Thanks for the info!

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:06:25 AM #
My Palm V and Palm IIIc had a TINY charge in them out of the box, and you can use them in the cradle while they are charging. I heard you should fully charge them before trying to use them, but like many I take a "peek" of my new toy for a minute or two before it is fully charged. I checked many of the Office Depots in Chicago (10+) and none have the m505. I canceled my order with Palm, ordered via the "3 Day delivery" Office Depot Instock website offer. I have doubts on that. If they haven't shipped by tommorow or charged my card I will attempt, yet again to find one in Chicago. I think I am getting the vibe that between today and 48 hours from now many Office Depots and perhaps Staples (based on the rumored stock arriving in the warehouses) will finally have some limited quantites.

Personally I would be happy if I found out my order shipped from Office Depot's website for arrival on Monday the 7th, and I could kick back for the weekend watching the slew of amatuer reviews and digital camera picks of the new m505 roll in.

RE: I have an m505!
Ed @ 5/2/2001 9:07:24 AM #
Randy, you are being really patient about all the suspicion. Thanks for the info. Now would you mind boxing the m505 up and FedExing it to me so I can write a review? I promise I'll send it back as soon as I'm done. ; - )

Palm Infocenter
RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:10:31 AM #
OK, all bashing aside, it looks like people are really posting some useful info here. I mean, mostly the "they don't have them" posts. It will certainly save me all the useless daily trips I would otherwise have to make to my local brick and mortar retailer.

It's just that no less than half a dozen other posts have been fakes in the past, so, if you're the first one to get one in the U.S., you will get a lot of attention.

By the way, is it metal in the front and back or just the front like the m500?

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:26:59 AM #
I read Randy's post at 8.20 this morning, went onto the Office Depot web site to get the number and called the store. I said I heard you had 4 and now have 2. She said how did u know. I had her hold one for me to ship, as I am out of state. So I too have one, or will have one tomorrow am. I can't wait. I also ordered the case and the 16 meg card. I had to talk to the Manager to have it send Fed Ex, at my cost. But certainly worth it. I feel like a kid in the candy store.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:27:05 AM #
Thanks for the heads up Randy...

When it's all charged, post a quick review! esp curious about the screen and comparison with Vx. pics? I sure hope other places get them soon!

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 9:59:05 AM #
I just snagged 2 at Ofiice Depot (Maryland). Thanks for the heads-up.

NY NY ...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 10:20:38 AM #
Just picked mine up in NY at Office Depot.

30th and 2nd Ave. They only had 4 now there are 3 and I heard someone calling in to get one while I was there...

Tearing the plastic off the box right now...

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 10:49:25 AM #
Any other Marylanders get a 505? I just called the one in Hunt Valley and Catonsville and they say they are still expecting. There's an anon post about someone who got 2 from Maryland - where in MD?

RE: I have an m505! True
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 11:18:23 AM #
Called a couple of office deopts and found a helpful Manager in Houston. They were supposed to receive
their shipment yesterday for a promotion, but expect shipment this week for promotion next week.
1. Buy the 505 from office depot and receive a free travel card
2. Sign up for 3 months of AOL with 505 also receive a free game card

Where in Maryland?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 11:40:39 AM #

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 12:42:33 PM #
I just called Anapolis Office Depot per the number above and the lady on the phone was soooo nice. She said she had one left and could I get in there quickly. I live in Georgia, so no, I can't. She said they are expecting another shipment tomorrow and she would place one on hold if I wanted.

This is so cool. Its like Windows 95 or something :)

This thing will crush Clie. Mark my words. Everyone and their mother will have to have one. The Clie is just too bulky. Vive la Palm.

I just baught mine at OD in Oregon
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 1:03:38 PM #
I just picked up my m505 at the Office depot located in Tigard, OR. It was a sweet experience, since there is no sales tax here in Oregan and I am on a business trip from California. When I called them this morning, first they told me they didn't have any. Then I said to him that someone I know in the eastcoast bought one, then the salesperson went to check. He told me afterwards that they had 4 or 5 in this morning, of which one they have already sold. When I went to get mine, he told me that they still have 2 or 3 units left in the store. Their phone number is (503) 639-3880. Hope this will help.



RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 2:00:42 PM #
Just got one from Clayton OD, St. Louis. Not that impressed with the screen. It is OK with the back light but deff. dark compared to IIIc.

RE: I have an m505!
mad212 @ 5/2/2001 2:15:33 PM #
Hey i just wanna thank the org. poster. Because of him I got mine today with a free sd card!! Thanks alot man!!!


p.s. I will have photos on palmpilot classifieds when i get a

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 3:54:25 PM #
I bought mine today in Atlanta, Georgia at the office depot on Pleasant Hill Road. I called this morning and the truck had just pulled in and the man said they had four. He held one for me and when I got there the other 3 were gone, but I got mine. Nice unit. The screen is darker than the IIIc and does look better with the backlight on. It is a shame that you cannot adjust the screen. I will definitely keep this one, but would of liked to have seen a little brighter screen.

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 7:08:05 PM #
anyone know how to activate the vibrating alarm....i can't find it!

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 7:17:55 PM #
OD does have them in Cincinnati. 4 in stock (now 3 :) Screen is a bit light and slightly uneven in brightness. 16 MB card free with purchase! Springfield Pike store has 3 left!

RE: I have an m505!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 7:50:21 PM #
Office Depot, Appleton WI has them as well. I had two reserved I picked them up on the way home from work tonight. They are charging right now. I didn't ask if they got more than 2 in.

Good luck to everyone else.

btw, I was reading the manual; I hadn't noticed previously that 4.0 OS support timezones and daylight savings time... about time. And no I haven't looked at the screen yet. I fouled up a Vx once by not fully charging it, I'm not going to repeat the mistake, just in case.

m505 vs. IIIc?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/2/2001 8:36:33 PM #
If someone could shed some light on the issue, for those who have compared it with the IIIc, how do the screens match up? I've been hearing that even with the sidelight on, the m505 is dimmer than the IIIc but but what brightness setting is the IIIc set at?? I have a IIIc and the m505 is sounding MIGHTY tempting so it would be nice to get some objective opinions before I decide one way or the other.

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