m505 Still 404 for Many

Wednesday of this week, the first shipments of m505s appeared at Office Depot stores and almost instantly were snapped up. While this has made many people happy new m505 owners, a majority of seekers are still hoping for the next shipment.

Judy Bruner, Palm's Chief Financial Officer, said that current shipments of the m505 are not enough to meet demand and higher volume shipments aren't expected until the end of this month or the beginning of next.

Many Office Depot stores are expecting a second delivery later today. The Office Depot webstore still says they have the m505 in stock, though no longer available for 3 day delivery.

Most Staples stores are still quoting May 8 as their earliest delivery date. The Staples webstore is taking reservations for $20 and quoting a delivery time of 7 to 14 days.

The Palm Store is vague about when it will begin fulfilling orders. They say it might be as early as next week or or possibly the week after. Naturally, this is quite frustrating to the people who pre-ordered with them in March, only to hear of the devices in stores first.

The Best Buy webstore still doesn't mention the m505.

While a few readers have reported finding m505s in Canada, especially Vancouver, most Palm enthusiasts outside of the U.S. will have to wait until June at the earliest.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 10:56:38 AM #
I hadn't heard that before "still 404" - cute.

RE: 404
Ed @ 5/4/2001 11:00:49 AM #
Thanks. I promise I made it up myself and I'm quite proud of it.

Palm Infocenter
RE: 404
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 1:49:52 PM #
"Still 404" is cute- but what does it mean?

RE: 404
Admin @ 5/4/2001 1:56:32 PM #
404 as in the http error for a "page not found",
it's the message you see when you click on a bad link.

PalmInfocenter webmaster
RE: 404
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 10:15:38 PM #
Hey guys.

Got my Palm m505 yesterday in Toronto, Canada. The screen looks GREAT, better then the Palm Vx that I have. It look amazing. Trust me guys.

505 for sale @ my cost
Chromosome @ 5/4/2001 11:03:17 PM #
I'm disappointed that I can't store huge DBs on the SD/MMC. I'm not willing to wait for fixes to trickle in. Like it, but I'll keep my trusty Vx just the same. I paid 475 (w/tax) and 65 for a 32MB MMC. Shipping should cost about 25. I'll send it all to you for 565. I'm not trying to gouge fellow palm enthusiasts, I'm just offering it if nobody can find one. If nobody wants it I'll return it. You can store copyrighted material on MMC by removing the copyright with Z'Cat (already done it). I'll leave Z'Cat and my copy of the infamous HaCkMe on the unit. (See the infocenter story on HaCkMe-which was so cool it was pulled off PalmGear after several hours) By the way, I contributed that story--first time I ever got a letter published (I'm so proud). send inquires to tuckermaclain@yahoo.com

RE: 404
Chromosome @ 5/4/2001 11:50:54 PM #
Just sold it.



I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:02:54 AM #
Even 404 is still better than:

500 Internal Error
501 Not Implemented
415 Unsuported Media Type (not SD or what?)
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Anyway is 402 Payment Required, and it's not 403 Forbidden.

And let's hope is not 417 - Expectation Failed


RE: 404
jayhawk88 @ 5/4/2001 12:09:47 PM #
Heh. Love that geek humor :)

RE: 404
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 12:14:38 PM #

RE: 404
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 6:56:58 PM #
I understand WAY to much of this humor, I gotta get a life! :)

Check out Fry's

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:19:59 AM #
Was at a Fry's yesterday (wilsonville, or) and they had at least 20 505's on the shelf.

RE: Check out Fry's
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 3:20:35 PM #
Same for the Fry's in Sacramento. I was there last night. They has one on display and SEVERAL available.

RE: Check out Fry's
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 4:33:00 PM #
Just bought one today in the Fountain Valley (Orange Co.) Fry's store. I guess it was
the last one. I just called them and they held it for me.

I'm a Visor Deluxe owner, but I'm am gonna keep this M505. Visor goes to the spouse.
Yes the screens not as bright as a IIIc, but I found it very usable under
office lighting, and I don't think I need to use Glowhack. Turning the frontlight on does
give a nice even glow. Walking in the outside sun, screen is great.

So they're out there, just call around.

Got in in Canada (Quebec city)

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:29:16 AM #
Available at "Bureau en gros" in Quebec City (STAPLES)

No one else as them, not even the major distributor like INGRAM, MERISSEL...

I guess Iím lucky

By the way it is great!

I sold my Vx 3 weeks ago hand Iím beginning to get my life back with my new 505

RE: Got in in Canada (Quebec city)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 7:54:22 PM #
Got mine in Montreal- Bureau en Gros (Staples). It's in the charger right now. How come it takes two hours to recharge ????? Wayyyyyy too long of a wait...

And where are the Serial Cradles??

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:42:37 AM #
I was lucky enough to pick one of the few 505's up at OD, but cannot find a Serial Cradle anywhere in stock, at OD or Palm.com either. Anyone heard any info on when the Serial Cradles might be shipping?

RE: And where are the Serial Cradles??
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:47:51 AM #
RCS in NYC had 'em and ran out.

RE: And where are the Serial Cradles??
Ed @ 5/4/2001 11:48:23 AM #
I ordered one from Sparco yesterday. I just checked and I have a UPS tracking number so it is legit.


Palm Infocenter

RE: Serial Cradles
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 4:47:26 PM #
I pre-ordered my serial from palm... which promised that they will ship it in a week at the longest. But if I should see one in the store I will cancel my order and save the $5 shipping cost.

Kinda sucks that the new craddle is a USB port.


RE: And where are the Serial Cradles??
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 5:50:29 PM #
At CompUSA. I just saw them.

RE: And where are the Serial Cradles??
emmert @ 5/5/2001 10:35:58 PM #
I found one today at Circuit City of all places. Arlington (Dallas), Texas. I-20 and Cooper. They had several more.

RE: And where are the Serial Cradles??
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/5/2001 11:57:05 PM #
Sparco also has the serial cradles. I initally too ordered from Palm but since Sparco already had them in stock and at a lower price. I say check there first.

m505 in Greater Vancouver (Canada)

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 11:56:05 AM #
Well the m505's are in at all Staples in Vancouver Canada and area, but they're just flying out the door. I work at Staples and we only got 4 in (most stores only got about 4 or 5 in) and most stores have sold out on the day we got them in (may 3rd), even before we got a chance to put a demo model out. Just keep looking around, there should be some trickling around still i'm sure. =)

I of course was one of those lucky 4 people who picked one up yesterday; its a sweet unit, now hopefully we'll get some accessories for it soon. =)

RE: m505 in Greater Vancouver (Canada)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 2:24:46 PM #
Does anyone know if that free 16mb SD card is valid in Canada as well? that would so rock...

RE: m505 in Greater Vancouver (Canada)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 10:59:16 PM #

I just got mine today (Mississauga, Ontario - Business Depot) and they did not offer the 16mb card,
even though I did ask.


Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 12:02:59 PM #
Check out www.Palmblvd.com M505 msg board. It is full of disappointed customers. Most of them returned it the next day. I will be saving my $$ for the Sony N710C.....

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
xynos @ 5/4/2001 12:08:15 PM #
its good that they're returning their m505, so others can have a chance to buy them! Personally I've used the Vx and m505 and I would go hands down to m505 anytime in terms of usability, portability - eventho the screen is not perfect.

Feel free to get the 256 colour portable TV/MP player
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 1:21:53 PM #
by Sony.

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 1:31:17 PM #
Please Don't Feed The Trolls. Anybody that doesn't like the display on the m505 is nuts. I am giving my Prism to my wife, and I was quite pleased with the display. After reading all of the reports about the poor quality of the screen, I was ready for a big disappointment. I was pleasantly surprised. It's not as bright as the Prism, but I didn't expect it to be. Outdoors, it is spectacular. Under noe trollsrmal office lighting, it is perfectly legible, and colorful, and with the backlight on, it is even better. No regrets on this purchase. So keep all of the trolls at bay. Don't feed their voracious appetite.

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 2:27:30 PM #
I got an m505 at OD. Love it. I was unsure if I would like it or not, but I'm sold. Form factor is great. The screen is just fine for me. Screen looks beautiful at night and just fine outside. In office conditions, it's acceptable, and much better than my old Vx. I installed GlowHack to turn the sidelight on at startup. Works just fine. Battery life is fine. I can go all day using the sidelight on and only use about 25% battery at most. That's great. I leave the thing on the cradle at home and work anyway.

My only issue with the Palm right now is the expansion card. I don't think I understand it fully, or the technology may be in its infancy. You can move games over to the card without problems. Many simple programs go over without a hitch. However, stuff like AvantGo loses databases when it goes over to the card. I'm sure some utilities are on the way to deal with moving things back and forth.

Oh, the speed. Way fast. Click, and you're there. Much, much, much faster than the Vx. And color games are so much cooler than when played on the Vx. What a difference a little color makes!

I've owned just about every Palm from the Palm Pro forward. I think the only one I skipped was the VII (went with Omnisky instead). This Palm is by far the best I've seen. I wouldn't own anything else right now.

Oh, the Clie. I thought about it. The weight is OK, but it's just too big for me. Also, the screen shots that I have seen show good details, but the text looks quite faint. I do a lot of typing on the Palm. I'm worried that it will be too hard to see text on the screen. Who knows. One thing is for sure -- I'm not going to have to pay inflated prices for external memory. Sony can take their proprietary memory modules and, well, Stick it. ;)


RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
snowtigr @ 5/4/2001 3:03:48 PM #
My M505 is shipping today but from everything I have read I have a feeling it will be going
back to the store. THe 505 will be my first handheld and I was looking forward to having it, but
with the exception of this site, the majority of reviews I have read all say the same thing,
that the screen is bad, the colors are washed out, you can break a nail trying to get the stylus out and once you have it out its rough to write with and the cover doesn't fit. Needless to say I will wait
until I have mine in hand but It apears that The Sony Clie is going to give the 505 a
run for its money as alll of the reviews and ratings I have seen for the Clie are superior to the M505.

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 3:06:31 PM #
I think one of the many problems Palm is going to have from preannouncing this thing so far in advance is people have had time to get their hopes up way too high. Palm's CEO first said this thing was coming in like october or something. That's 6 months for people to think about it which is long enough for them to build it up in their minds until it was the second coming of Christ or something.

It is a PDA smaller than a V with a color screen. That's what Palm promised and that's what they delivered. If you thought it was going to be something different, that's your lookout.

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 3:08:09 PM #
You're feeding the Trolls. I asked you not to do that. They love to spread mis-information. The m505 is a beautiful example of American Technological Engineering. The people complaining about the m505 probably complain about not having something to complain about, after they are done complaining.

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 3:59:07 PM #

What about this "don't feed the trolls" harangue? Should we discuss only nice things about a product on this board? Is this a cult?
I would like to hear BOTH GOOD and BAD things so that I can make a better decision when I buy.
I know I can ignore your comments but you do point out some good things so I have to read on. But asking other people not to post bad things about the m505?....

RE: Palm M505 is 417 (Expectation Failed)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 4:12:21 PM #
"Check out www.Palmblvd.com M505 msg board. It is full of disappointed customers. Most of them returned it the next day. I will be saving my $$ for the Sony N710C....."

I went to the link and saw 2 posts regarding returns of the m505. The two messagess looked like they where written by the same person. That is not "full of disappointed customers" or "most of them returned it".
I also liked the "I ordered one but I have not seen it and it will be going back" post.

One does not know if that person has an ax to grind. Also there is no accountability. So...
If it writes like a Troll it is a Troll.

Anyone want a palm? (Internationally, too)

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 12:17:32 PM #
This is not an advertisement. If anyone (maybe you international palm freaks) wants a new m505, I will go out and buy one...and ship it to you. You pay for shipping (probably no more than $10 or $15, insured...maybe just $5-$8 for domestic). You do have to pay for sales tax, though...I'm not that nice. I'll make no profit. Maybe $5....
I'll probably only be able to buy 1 or 2 (besides mine, which I have reserved).
I figure, why not let those of you who might not get it for another MONTH to get it now?
You need to pay me first, of course.
If anyone is interested, post a reply with your email and I will send you mine.

RE: Anyone want a palm? (Internationally, too)
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 4:20:03 PM #
i am interested.
here's my email, gbbly@hotmail.com

M-505 Available at Office Depot in Houston

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 12:32:16 PM #
I purchased a Palm 505 this morning at Office Depot on I-10 and the Belt way they had severial in stock, stopped by second Office Depot at Wilcrest and Westhimer where they had 5 in stock. They honered a sunday add for the 16mb sd card free.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/4/2001 1:08:46 PM #
When will BEST BUY start receiving the M505? I am in the Los Angeles/Ventura County areas...

Any help would be appreciated!

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