Treo Pro $100 Discount from Dell

Treo Pro Sale DiscountPalm's latest smartphone offering, the unlocked GSM Treo Pro, has been on the market several months and remains unavailable from any domestic carrier with subsidized pricing. According to a recent analyst report, the chances of the handset being picked up by AT&T prior to the end of 2008 are becoming increasingly slim, so any prospective Treo Pro purchasers must hunt around for a deal on an unlocked handset. With the lack of domestic carrier participation and the closure of all Palm retail stores, few opportunities even exist for customers in smaller markets to even see one of these devices in person for a hands-on demonstration.

So word of a $100 discount off the MSRP of an unlocked Treo Pro comes as pleasantly surprising news. Dell's Home e-store is running a coupon code promotion 27RR9ZSWHW?6BZ valid through November 19th, 2008 that takes $100 off the price of the Treo Pro. The customer's final price after the coupon discount is $449.99 alongside free shipping. Dell does charge sales tax in most states, however.

While still unsubstantiated, rumors continue to swirl of a CDMA version of the Windows Mobile 6.1-powered Treo Pro coming to Spring or Verizon in the near future.

You can read our detailed Treo Pro review here and also watch a six minute video of our initial unboxing video.

Thanks to Treonauts for the tip.

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