Palm Treo 700wx Coming to Sprint?

Possible details have emerged that point to Sprint getting a slightly updated version of the Windows Mobiie powered Treo 700w. A screenshot from a new version of the Sprint PCS connection manager shows an option for Palm 700wx drivers. The 700wx is said to boost the free RAM to 64MB, double that of the Verizon 700w. Message board rumors from TreoCentral speculate that this model may become available on Sprint around the first week of September.

Treo 700wx rumor

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SeldomVisitor @ 8/11/2006 8:40:58 PM # Q

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Impact on Palm?

freakout @ 8/13/2006 10:59:01 PM # Q
Since the identical hardware featured in the W and P Treos would have allowed Palm to reduce costs, would having to slap an extra memory chip in the Wx significantly affect them?

Anyone care to hazard a guess?

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RE: Impact on Palm?
LiveFaith @ 8/14/2006 12:36:18 AM # Q
To hazardous for me to even guess why it is that Palm seems bent on skimping on memory on these devices time after time. It's a sad commentary that Sprint probably had to demand more of something which is so rediculously cheap these days.

Can't be that difficult to have one component's difference. After all the 700p and w may be "electroncally" identical, but not physically, due to the buttons, colors and screens. The screen difference makes me even wonder if the video controllers are not already different.

Now what needs some attention is the processor as well. The 312 mhz is simply anemic on my 650. They at least should run the 416 in the all 700 series, and apparently are on the 750. My 650 sucks winds just trying to display photos in the media app, taken with that wimpy VGA camera. The little more and more common "please wait" box reminds of the windows hourglass. This was one of the reasons I instantly was enraptured into minimalist glory after 15 minutes of using my original Palm IIIe S/E. Anything I did happened instantly. Maybe it's NVFS that is to blame, but those days seem to be fading into oblivion.

Pat Horne

RE: Impact on Palm?
freakout @ 8/14/2006 2:57:02 AM # Q
^^ Apparently the Media display lag is a software problem, not a CPU one. The 700p is significantly faster at this.

I agree a faster processor would be nice though. It might stop me having to re-encode video for mobile playback.

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