Simple Installer Released for Vista

Palm's set of tools for installing and transferring applications to Treo's and handhelds are currently not compatible with Windows Vista. Palm is certainly taking their time on an update, while Vista users go without critical Palm Desktop functionality. While there are some workarounds (installing via Bluetooth and downloading on-device over the air), a third party developer has released a new Vista compatible install tool.

BTSolved's TreoVista Simple Installer software enables you to install PRC and PDB files on Vista. The program requires that Palm Desktop and hotsync software is installed. The utility is freeware and is considered beta.

Vista Palm Installer

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SHAME on Palm!

hkklife @ 3/26/2007 3:14:40 PM # Q
Palm, especially considering their close association with Microsoft over the past several years re: the 700w, should be tarred, feathered, and flogged for dropping the ball so badly in regards to all things Vista.

I, of course, am not the LEAST bit surprised by this---look how so many PCs from the major OEMs in '05 and '06 shipped with Windows XP Media Center Edition. Yet Palm adamantly refused to even acknowledge support for anything BUT XP Home & XP Pro.

Sad, sad, sad.

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RE: SHAME on Palm!
Khris @ 3/26/2007 10:16:48 PM # Q
And this surprises you how?

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Newer version has been posted on

Vonskie @ 3/26/2007 10:53:15 PM # Q
The program is now out of beta version is out and I have had postive comments from end users, using various Palm Devices other than the Treos.

Take Care,


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Good stuff.

VampireLestat @ 3/27/2007 2:08:36 AM # Q
I bought myself a new Core 2 Duo laptop recently and have Vista. I can really use that app. Good stuff!

RE: Good stuff.
Vonskie @ 3/31/2007 8:36:52 PM # Q
Your welcome take care.

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Vonskie @ 3/31/2007 8:35:43 PM # Q
TreoVista Simple Installer has been renamed to PalmVista Simple Installer because it works with other palm devices on Vista.

The new version is

It now will install all Palm compatible files to handheld and any file to the default expansion card on the Palm PDA.

Thank you,

Von Wallace

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New version

Vonskie @ 4/17/2007 4:13:31 PM # Q
New version

RE: New version
justrick @ 5/10/2007 8:42:01 AM # Q
Site seems to be down?

What a long, strange trip it's been...
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This software is not free. It costs $9.95.

heyDusty @ 9/25/2007 2:05:46 PM # Q
This software is not free. It costs $9.95. It must have changed when it came out of beta.
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Palm Vista Simple Installer

MusiqueGraeme @ 1/4/2008 11:35:40 AM # Q
Hi, I paid for the new version and it never worked. It couldn't find my user count even though I had a new installation of hotSync (to work with Vista). I emailed Business Technology Solved who didn't reply and today I can't find their website. As a matter of interest the download from Best Vista Downloads doesn't work either...

Does anyone have any idea how to hotsync with vista?

Have a great day

RE: Palm Vista Simple Installer
MusiqueGraeme @ 1/21/2008 11:16:38 AM # Q
I have to say that I finally tried reinstalling the Palm Desktop. I lost the possibility to hotsync photos but the Palm Vista Simple Installer has been working a dream since. It's been working hard too! Thanks Business Technology SOLVED.

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