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1 12/8/2011 HP Holding a Refurbished TouchPad Sale Dec 11
Just when you thought it was safe to start your holiday shopping for an Android or iOS-based tablet, HP has announced a curious return of the fire sale TouchPads, albeit as a slightly less attractive…
2 10/29/2011 Best Buy to Offer $150 TouchPad PC Bundle
Even with an uncertain future facing the platform, HP has just announced a new TouchPad-related deal via a joint promotion with retail giant Best Buy. This latest "deal" offers consumers a $150…
3 7/28/2010 HP Offers $50 Gift Cards with Palm Purchases
Earlier this month we discussed the addition of the full line of Palm's WebOS-based smartphones to HP's Wireless Central online phone store. Now HP has sweetened the offer even further by adding a…
4 7/8/2010 Verizon Sale on Pre and Pixi Accessories
Verizon Wireless' online store is currently running a phenomenal sale on several Palm-branded Pre and Pixi accessories, all of which include free overnight shipping. For Pre and Pre Plus…
5 6/2/2010 Palm Accessory Clearance Sale at
In a final acknowledgement that all things Windows Mobile and Garnet OS from Palm are headed to extinction, Palm's Store is having a blowout clearance sale on peripherals and accessories for their…
6 5/24/2010 AT&T Palm Pre for A Penny
A week after posting about a $49 deal, has now pushed the AT&T flavored Palm Pre Plus into penny phone territory. Not even on the market for more than a fortnight, the discount is only…
7 5/19/2010 AT&T Palm Pre Plus $49 on Amazon
Palm's new AT&T Palm Pre Plus has not even been on the market for more than a week, and its already seeing large discounts via the usual online channels. is now selling the AT&T…
8 4/15/2010 Palm's Phones Now 1 Cent at Amazon
Still holding out for a better deal on a Palm webOS smartphone? How does forking over one penny and a two year service commitment sound? If that sounds like a reasonable offer, then prepare…
9 3/15/2010 Palm Offers Discounted Developer Phones
Palm Inc. has reintroduced its developer purchase program. The program offers developers a small discount on certain webOS phones when purchased directly from Palm. The developer purchase…
10 3/11/2010 Deep Palm Pre Plus Discounts at Walmart
Walmart has dramatically lowered its price on a new Palm Pre Plus this week. Online bargain hunters can now find the updated version of the Palm Pre on Verizon for $29.99 after the usual rebates and…
11 12/17/2009 Palm OS MobileHeist Sale - 50% OFF  
12 11/30/2009 Cyber Monday MobileHeist App Sale  
13 11/26/2009 Palm Black Friday Sales and Deals  
14 11/19/2009 Amazon Offers Sizable Pre, Pixi Discounts  
15 7/22/2009 Palm Software On Sale This Week  
16 5/7/2009 Palm Software on Sale This Week  
17 4/24/2009 Palm Software on Sale This Week  
18 4/13/2009 Best Buy 128MB Centro Sale This Week  
19 4/9/2009 Palm Software On Sale  
20 2/20/2009 $100 Off Orders at the Store  
21 1/15/2009 New Centro Colors On Sale at Best Buy  
22 12/12/2008 MobileHeist - Top Palm OS Apps at 50% Off  
23 12/9/2008 MobileHeist - Top Palm OS Apps at 50% Off  
24 12/5/2008 Store Holiday Promotions  
25 11/28/2008 Mobile Software Sale  
26 11/26/2008 Palm Black Friday Handheld and Smartphone Discounts  
27 11/14/2008 Offering $25 Off Store Orders  
28 11/7/2008 Treo Pro $100 Discount from Dell  
29 10/30/2008 Palm m515 PDA On Sale for $39  
30 10/27/2008 Palm Store Offering a $50 Discount  
31 10/13/2008 Dell Offers the Treo Pro for $475  
32 10/9/2008 Treo 800w Sale at Best Buy  
33 10/8/2008 USB Modem On Sale  
34 9/4/2008 Woot Deal on Garmin GPS Kit for Palm Smartphones  
35 9/2/2008 Documents to Go Special Upgrade Pricing  
36 8/22/2008 Hands Free Accessories on Sale  
37 8/21/2008 Latest Palm Centro Sale at Best Buy  
38 8/12/2008 Best Buy Centro Sales Continue This Week  
39 8/11/2008 Top Selling Palm OS Apps On Sale  
40 7/29/2008 Upcoming Best Buy Sale on Palm handhelds and Centros  

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