Best Buy Centro Sales Continue This Week

For anyone who may have missed last week's Best Buy sales circular chock full of Palm goodness, this week's flyer brings about a handful of new offers. While there are no Palm handheld deals this time around, the Best Buy flyer from August 11th-17th contains a fresh round of Palm Centro sales along with a few accessory offers. As always, these deals may vary in availability or price from region to region.

Palm's popular new entry-level Centro is available in both GSM EDGE (aka Treo 685 on AT&T & unlocked) and CDMA EVDO (aka Treo 690 on Sprint and Verizon) flavors. Due to the omission of the full version of Pocket Tunes Deluxe and the lesser EDGE 2.5G radio within, AT&T's GSM version of the Centro is setting a trend for lower pricing than its CDMA brethren on Sprint and Verizon.

Best Buy Palm Centro SaleSo unsurprisingly, this week's upcoming Best Buy ad shows that all three available AT&T Centro colors (white, black and the new electric blue) are again offered for free in-store after a huge instant rebates when the standard 2- year contract is signed. This marks the second week in row the "free" AT&T Centro has appeared in Best Buy's circular.

The original and still most popular version of the Palm Centro on Sprint, is now available for $49.99 for either new contracts or qualified upgraders (i.e. existing customers eligible for contract renewal). Like AT&T, Sprint's Centro is available in three color choices (black, red and pink). Sprint's CDMA version of the Centro recently received a ROM update to enable Google Maps location functionality along with several small improvements and bugfixes.

Based on recent pricing activity, Best Buy remains the best choice for prospective Centro purchasers looking to pick up a free or heavily discounted handset along with service without the hassles and uncertainty of mail-in rebates.

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Best Buy to sell iPhones starting Sept. 7

Gekko @ 8/13/2008 4:11:36 AM # Q

August 13, 2008, 2:06 am
Best Buy to sell iPhones starting Sept. 7

In a move that will significantly expand its retail presence in time for the holiday season, Apple has agreed to let retailing giant Best Buy sell the new iPhone 3G through its nationwide chain of Best Buy Mobile outlets starting early next month.

Best Buy markets cell phones in the United States through 970 full-size stores and 16 stand-alone Best Buy Mobile shops. All U.S. Best Buy stores will carry the iPhone except for a handful of outlets located in areas where AT&T does not provide cell phone coverage.

The deal, first reported on Tuesday by Apple Insider and confirmed by Best Buy Mobile president Shawn Score (see here), could serve both companies well.

RE: Best Buy to sell iPhones starting Sept. 7
mikecane @ 8/13/2008 10:02:36 AM # Q
You really have a masochistic streak in you, eh, Gekko? I mean, here you are supposed to be all kissy-kissy with your Centro toy, yet you keep dredging up that adult iPhone supercomputerphone.

You know you want one.

There. I've given you permission.

Go download iTunes right now and then off to AT&T with ya!

My good deed for the day.

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Yeesh! iPhone Becomes PalmOS 5!

mikecane @ 8/13/2008 2:08:38 PM # Q
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