New webOS SDL Ports: SuperTux, TetriCrisis, ScummVM

ScummVM logoOh sweet, sweet SDL. How did we ever live without you? The webOS ports are coming thick and fast now, with these last two days bringing us three tasty new gaming treats for the Palm Pre. From Eric Gaudet - creator of the Virtual Keyboard - comes SuperTux, a side-scrolling 2D platformer that bears more than a passing resemblance to Super Mario Bros. It features the epnonymous penguin on a quest to save his girlfriend. You get your choice of accelerometer or keyboard controls, and the gesture area serves as your jump button.

From wIRC co-creator Ryan Hope comes TetriCrisis, an open-source clone of the classic block-dropping puzzler that made millions of nine-year-old boys hurl their Gameboys out their bedroom windows when the Fates flat-out refused to give up the straight block they needed to beat their brother's high score... but I digress. It uses keyboard controls and makes somewhat of a mockery of EA's charging $6.99 for the same in the App Catalog. Both of the above can now be found in Preware.

And the big 'un? It's after the break, along with a video of SuperTux for the PC.

Finally, WebOS Internals founder Rod Whitby has nearly completed work on ScummVM for the Pre. ScummVM needs no introduction (but I'll give it one anyway): it's the famous emulation environment for LucasArts' classic adventure games which has since branched out to also encompass many titles from Sierra's back catalog, amongst others. (The full list of compatible games can be found here.) Who can't say "Day of the Tentacle on my Pre" without a big stupid grin breaking out?

All that's holding up the release is the need for someone willing to do the necessary key bindings. If that someone is you, do please ping rwhitby on the WebOS Internals IRC channel. In the meantime, you can just watch the embedded video below...


ScummVM On The Pre

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