HP Offers TouchPad Discount to Early WebOS Adopters

Touchpad Discount This past February, HP backpedalled on numerous earlier promises that WebOS 2.x would be made available for the legacy Palm-branded devices due to a variety of problems stemming from carrier certifications to performance-related hardware issues. Since then, HP has firmly stated that owners of all legacy Palm-branded WebOS devices (save the newer Pre 2) would be out of luck as far as future OS updates and enhancements.

As evident in our recent story about Rovio's lack of Angry Birds updates for WebOS, the older 1.4.x version of the OS found on these devices will become more and more of a hindrance moving forward as far as compatibility and support for newer applications.

Thankfully, a new post on the official HP Palm blog makes good on Jon Rubinstein's February promise for "something special". All legacy WebOS device owners can now be one step closer to enjoying the latest WebOS 3.0 on brand-new hardware in the form of a $50 loyalty rebate on a new 32GB TouchPad.

HP Touchpad discount coupon

This offer is effective the entire month of July, as the TouchPad is launching on July 1st and the promotion ends on the 31st. Valid handsets are the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus, for all carriers. The mail-in rebate is good for TouchPads purchased from any seller (not just directly from HP) and pre-orders are eligible for the rebate as well.

To qualify for the discount, users must send HP the serial number of their qualifying WebOS phone plus the receipt and UPC code from the 32GB TouchPad purchase. Unfortunately, the less expensive $499 16GB TouchPad SKU is not eligible for the early adopter special.

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Mossberg - TouchPad Needs More Apps, Reboot To Rival iPad

Gekko @ 6/29/2011 5:55:44 PM # Q

I also ran into plenty of bugs in my tests, even though H-P said I was testing a production unit. For instance, on various occasions, the email app failed to display the contents of messages, the photos app failed to display pictures, and the game "Angry Birds" crashed repeatedly. All of these problems required a reboot of the device to resolve.
In addition, I found the TouchPad grew sluggish the more I used it. Again, a reboot was needed to restore normal speed. H-P acknowledges most of these problems and says it is already working on a webOS update, to be delivered wirelessly in three to six weeks that will fix nearly all of them.


RE: Mossberg - TouchPad Needs More Apps, Reboot To Rival iPad
jca666us @ 6/29/2011 7:04:53 PM # Q
It's a shame - not unexpected though.

the ui is the touchpad's greatest asset, however of greater concern is the heavier, more cumbersome form factor and the less substantial battery life.

if they get the bugs worked out in a reasonable fashion, i'd expect the 7" version to really take off.

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