New Freeware Emulator for Gameboy

Bodo Wenzel, a hobby programmer, has developed a GameBoy emulator called PalmBoy v.1.0. His version isn't as complete as the rival Liberty and there is some danger of corrupting all the files on your Palm but it has the advantage of being free. Wenzel said, "This version only renders the background - that's why only some games work. Currently I'm working on this topic and on the interrupts. Please look at it as an appetizer and stand by."

Use this application at your own risk. His site has the ominous warning, "To get the emulation as fast as possible nearly no checks are made and the memory protection had to be switched off. This leads to a potentially very dangerous program - every single byte of your databases and programs in RAM can be overwritten! Serious and heavy testing revealed no data losses, but it's a very good idea to hotsync your databases before trying the emulator with new games until you gain confidence in the combination of emulator and emulated game."

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Mini PalmBoy Review @ 7/25/2000 8:41:44 AM #
I loaded this onto the Palm OS Emulator (POSE) and ran it with a IIIx ROM and it didn't crash. POSE gave me plenty of warnings about writing directly to the registers but it isn't the only app I get warnings like that with.

All the supplied games work fine, such as they are. I tried a couple of other games I had and couldn't find any that would work. They don't crash; they just won't get past the first screen.

The supplied game converter works fine. Please note, games converted by the converter that comes with Liberty won't show up as PalmBoy games so have to use the PalmBoy converter.

If anyone finds any games that will work or has nerve enough to install this on a real Palm, please write in and tell everyone about your experiences.


Visor Compatibility?

visor @ 7/26/2000 8:13:48 AM #
does this work on the visor deluxe?
RE: Visor Compatibility?
Comrade Whitney @ 7/26/2000 12:59:03 PM #
Works ok, the program itself does at least. I tried to get mario world to work on it and it wouldnt.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/11/2000 5:03:36 AM #
Where do the Games come from?
RE: Games
kino @ 8/13/2000 6:36:43 PM #
Gameboy ROMs most likely


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