Palm Games Wrapup and GamePad Release has posted a wrapup of recent games for the Palm OS. This is the first of what will be a weekly series. In this edition, they cover Strategic Commander, ZIOGolf, Knight Move, and several more. -Joe C.

WorldWide Widget Works has announced that the new GamePad for the Palm Computing Platform is now available. It sells for $40 and works with the Palm III series running OS 3.x.

The GamePad driver that ships with the product provides support for most existing games. The driver maps the GamePad rocker switch and fire buttons buttons to the Palm buttons.

They are currently soliciting game developers to incorporate native support into their games via the GamePad API, which is available for download on their site. -John Lupher

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Eston Bond @ 12/16/2000 12:49:08 AM #
Palm OS definitely has a potential to be a gaming platform. I mean, I'm not saying there's good games for the Palm already- look at Astraware and their top-notch games. With this gamepad and a color enabled Palm device, people may start buying Palms like they would a Game Boy Color. With a Bluetooth Peripheral or an internet connection, multiplayer adaptations of Quake or Subspace might become available. It may be a long shot, but it can be done.

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software

RE: Potential
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/19/2000 10:00:15 AM #
any handheld made for videogaming that didnt have the words "nintendo game boy" in the title hasnt done anything in the market so i think that the statement of "With this gamepad and a color enabled Palm device, people may start buying Palms like they would a Game Boy Color" is a little ridiculous. the new gameboy, which is supposed to comparable to a super nintendo, is predicted to cost around $80. compare that (or even the current game boy) to the cost of this silly gamepad and a color enabled palm (with its slow processor, poor screen resolution, small memory).


Alfredoggy @ 12/16/2000 7:57:57 AM #
Will this gamepap come bundled with any games?

Talked with GamePad developers

bcombee @ 12/17/2000 3:11:09 AM #
I saw the GamePad people at PalmSource, and I got to try out a unit. It feels very solid, although it does bulk up a III unit a bit. My biggest gripe is still the price -- I think $30 is a lot more reasonable, since that's the high end of the range for Playstation or N64 controllers which have a lot more functionality.

They are very willing to work with game developers too... no $80 kit anymore -- you show them that you've got a good arcade game, and they will work with you to make sure you can support their hardware.



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