Astraware Creates a Valentine's Bejeweled Proposal

Astraware has released a special Valentines Day edition of Bejeweled. Available for only a limited period, the game not only features new heart-shaped gems, but also provides an ingenious secret built in means for proposing marriage.

The special Valentine's edition features sparkling heart-shaped gems and a romantic Valentine’s theme, but what really sets this apart is a secret command that allows boyfriends (or girlfriends) to enable the hidden screen while the game is being played by a loved one, revealing the words “Will You Marry Me?” and providing the proposal recipient a chance to respond with an instant answer via "Yes" or "No" buttons on the screen.

Couples who become engaged with the aid of the Valentine’s Day edition of Bejeweled will receive a special gift from the sponsoring companies, along with a feature on the Astraware Web site and the chance to win an all-expenses- paid honeymoon cruise.

"We get plenty of email feedback from the partners of Bejeweled addicts, saying how difficult it can be to win attention back while their loved one is playing," said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. "We thought this would be an ideal way to get a special message across to them!"

The game is not just for men to propose to their girlfriends either, as traditionally, February 29th is the acceptable day of the year for women to propose to men. Since 2004 is a leap year, ladies who would like to propose to their men should jump at this unique opportunity—if they do not do it this year it will be another 4 years before this chance comes around again.

Bejeweled Valentines EditionBejeweled is very simple game to play, but difficult for players to put down. Users choose from a relaxing and absorbing Easy-level, or a frantic Timed-level game, and tap adjacent pairs of gems to swap them and make matching horizontal and vertical lines of three or more. In honoring Bejeweled as “Game of the Year," Handango recognized the game for its endurance as the top selling handheld game of all time.

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TTrules @ 2/14/2004 10:16:19 AM #
Good! New Jewels!

One Palm to rule them all!

I can just see it now...

rory @ 2/14/2004 10:56:05 AM #
"hey honey would you put down that damned PDA and give *me* some attention?!" ;)

Visor Deluxe > iPod > Clie SJ33 > Zire 71 > ?


dona83 @ 2/15/2004 4:20:27 AM #
Somehow Astraware knew that my girlfriend is addicted to Bejeweled.

RE: Hehe
madmaxmedia @ 2/17/2004 6:07:19 PM #
Will the marriage proposal rely sync back to my desktop? Just in case I am not there when she replies...


acaltabiano @ 2/17/2004 10:36:42 PM #
So, does this mean that Bejeweled-Valentine Edition will win this year for best POS game?

"and the winner is...."



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