Sprint Lowers Pricing on Palm Phones

Rose CentroSprint has recently lowered prices across the board on all three of its current Palm Smartphones in its online store. Currently the Palm Treo 755p and Treo 800w are showing a price of $99 after the usual rebates and new 2yr plan agreements and the Centro is available for $49.99 with the same promotions. (screenshot after the break.)

Sprint continues to be the only carrier offering the Treo 800w, which debuted last summer with a $249 price tag with the purchase of a 2 year contract and data plan. Both it and the aging 755p are now showing 'instant savings' of nearly $400. The new prices are available online and its unclear if the same deals can be found in retail stores.

Sprint Palm Prices

Thanks to TreoCentral for the tip.

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PalmOS liquidation sale

Ed Lin @ 2/11/2009 3:07:37 PM # Q
It looks like they want to get rid of the remainder of PalmOS Treos and Centros before they stop making them.

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